Custom control latch unlatch

I’d like to use the All flesh conducting patch system to keep a vca open/closed when I release my finger from it (latch behavior) Is it possible to put in front of the vca trigger a custom unit to allow this? Thanks

You do not need a Custom Unit for this. Just add a custom gate (set its output mode to toggle) to the VCA unit and then assign the input for the level control to this custom gate. Don’t forget to set the modulation gain to 1 on the level control.

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Thanks, no luck so far. The toggle works but doesn’t affect the vca. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe this ?

… no…

It’s this part. You used a Custom unit even though I stated that you don’t need it :wink: . You should add the custom gate control to the VCA.

Oops! Can’t find custom gate :flushed:

There is an Edit Controls operation in every unit now. So pretend your VCA is a Custom Unit and follow the same steps that you performed when you were adding a gate control to you Custom Unit but instead perform those steps on the VCA unit.

I would include a screenshot but I’m away from the modular this morning. :bowing_man:

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And now in a series of screenshots…

First, we start with the humble VCA. Might as well set the modulation gain on the level control to 1 while we are here.

Highlight the header and focus press to enter the units menu.

Select the Edit Controls command.

In the control editor, put the cursor before or after the existing level control and press Insert Gate Control.

In the gate’s properties screen, change the Output Mode to toggle.


Press ENTER to commit the changes to the gate properties and again to commit the new control and leave the editor.

Our VCA is moving up in the world!

The last task is to connect the output of the custom gate control to the input of the level control.

You will find the output of the custom gate control in the Locals view. Select it and press ENTER.

The connection has been made.

Now you can test the action of your gated VCA by manually firing the custom gate control.



By the way, I would be very grateful if you could explain to me why you thought this would work. Your explanation would help me understand my user’s misconceptions better and thus improve my ability to explain things.


Many thanks @odevices for the detailed explanation. I wouldn’t be able to figure out the last step (connect the gate to the input - locals view).

Hmm I’ll try to explain. It seemed logical to me: A custom unit (toggle) to the vca input, would have the same effect as if you’d put a sine wave or a physical gate.
I haven’t dived yet into the custom units. I find difficult to grasp lots of new information (every module is another world) it takes time… Wiki update would help :slight_smile:

Thanks for explanation. I think it helps…you are certainly twisting my brain!

I am of course aware of that :wink: However, explaining all of this is going to be hard. It all seems so obvious to me (obviously, haha). Well, one step at a time.

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I love that this control exists. Thanks Brian.

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Do you mean that as in function within a unit or Brian’s self discipline?


I’ll be making a new video going over the what/why/how with custom units, custom controls and how they all can work together. I’ve had a few users ask me to. Next day or two tops!


Oh, really looking forward to that one!