Custom Control Unit - no fader / 0 bias locked custom control

Hi Brian,

Wondering if you’d consider adding a 0 bias/locked fader or “no-fader” linear control type that still allows gain or has gain hard set at 1.

I’ve found in a lot of applications, I’ll park "global chain’ style processes on linear faders set to gain 1/bias 0… such as a sample player, grains etc… allowing it to be routed into various chains within the custom unit as a local source.

This way, all the guts the processor are contained within the custom unit (and saved in this preset), instead of being setup outside with more global chain items such as clocks.

Everything works fine as is though, I’m only asking because if I accidentally adjust one of these control faders that has audio running from it, a fader/bias move from this control fader will DC offset the audio signal.



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Neil - i would really love to see a video showing some ideas for using global chains if you have the time :heart:️:metal:t2:

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I will for sure! I’m behind on my vids… Global chains are on the list! :slight_smile:

I’ve been swamped with work. Almost over the hump of madness :rage:

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Another Custom control that would be great for Loopers is a “Toggle Trigger”. Same on/off style control, but instead of a constant gate high, a generated trigger when you press and then another when you press again. That way, the on/off state of the switch could be synchronized with the punch state of a looper deep within a custom unit.

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Hey @Lance_Drake your request to learn more about Global Chains was granted just today by Mr. @NeilParfitt - check it out:

@NeilParfitt What’s the status of “Toggle Triggers?”

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that’s not a questions for me, better left for the O|D boss man!

Current working solution is the slope detector unit - confirmed working here:

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