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Custom controls for ADSR? - how are people managing them


How are people going about controls in their custom units for things like ADSR?

Are you using a linear control and then setting the bias on the attack to -5. So that the control is at least indicative of the Attack amount in the custom control?

I’d like to have these in ‘MS’

I hope to be able to have these controls customizable in the future, or auto adapt to their assigned param.


+1, especially for frequency values.


+1 to this - @odevices are customizable range/type scheduled for Custom unit controls?

I’d love to have and A D S R param where it actually shows ms.


Removing the irritants


4 characters


+1 and several ms :slight_smile:


+1 :chart_with_downwards_trend:


Me I’d love to have an AD envelope like a Make noise Maths with trig and gate input an param on AD and both !
And why not an EoR EoC assignable virtual output !?