Custom reverb unit: Dattorro Reverb

Here is a custom reverb unit, the package is called Faustian and the unit is “Dattorro Reverb”, appearing under the Delays and Reverbs category. (I may add more units to the package in the future.)

The reverb itself is the topology described in Jon Dattorro’s paper Effect Design Part 1. It’s apparently first created by David Griesinger and used in various Lexicon reverbs. It’s also the basis of the reverb in MI Clouds (and probably other MI too).

It sounds pretty good to me. Nothing too wild, but an alternative to Freeverb. You can turn the decay up to 1 and get an infinite sustain.

It takes around 11% of your CPU.

Here’s an example, starting totally dry, turning the wet/dry up to 0.3 and then the decay up from 0.5 to 1.

(The right hand of In a Landscape by John Cage, bars 1-15.)

Edit: new version 0.1.0 (bumped from 0.0.1)

This version adds another reverb: Andromeda Nebula

So named because this is based on Tom Erb’s description of the Ursa Major Space Station in his talk (with some additions and extra guess work), so I picked another space themed name.

Apologies for the over-long demo. This is some unquantised (in pitch and time) bleeps and blops courtesy of a Music Thing Turing Machine. A few bleeps and blops dry, then increasingly extreme settings. It can get more unruly than the Dattorro Reverb.

This is a CPU-hog: ~38%. I’m hoping to get that down.


  • High cut / low cut: filters in the feedback loop
  • Decay — this is feedback amount. Beware above around 3.5. You need the adjust the high cut/ low cur frequencies to tame it.
  • Mod: this is actually mod rate. Low values allows tones to build up; at higher values it spreads out towards white noise.

faustian-0.1.0.pkg (41.9 KB)


Thanks for making this, it sounds great! Much better than freeverb, at least to my ears.


This is perfect, I was hoping for a decent reverb for 301! I already have a zdsp and valhalla if I want the really good stuff but this will make my small rack much better.


Demo sounds very very nice, can’t wait to try it out. @ljw your units are adding so much flavour to the ER-301 honestly they are game changers each one.

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Very cool - thanks for making :grinning:

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Damn this makes me want to upgrade to .6…
If only some of my older units translated over to the new firmware haha

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Demo sounds great. Thanks!

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lovely! thanks!

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So happy with this one, I think it’s sounds very nice, cool addition!
Thanks, thanks!!

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Dig it :+1:t6:

Hey, have added another reverb unit to this package: Andromeda Nebula. See top post edit for details.


many thanks, this sounds insane!

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Damn, sounds great! Killing it with these verbs

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wow! andomeda nebula sounds great! can’t wait to load it up. :smile:

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Love this! A quality reverb like this is so fantastic to have available while patching.

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Really wonderful sound here. Look forward to using this!
Many many thanks for the work involved.