Custom Scales ER-101/102

I’ve been doing some digging and have yet to find any kind of walkthrough for adding your own scales to the ER-101/102.

Basically, here’s what I’m trying to do:

  • I have a basic idea/chord progression/melody going.
  • I figure out the notes in that scale.
  • I create/add a custom index table with just these notes, with all octaves.
  • Load it on the ER-101.
  • Then I’ll be able to use random/jitter and group transforms to make generative melodies in scale.
  • Or simply start sequencing and knowing that all the notes are in the scale I’m working in.

I’ve looked at the Scala documentation and that is way over my head. I’ve tried using the scripts but I don’t know how to iterate across the octaves once I have my notes.

I’m happy to experiment and read documentation if available. I hope this is relevant and useful for others as well. I appreciate any tips, pointers, docs, etc. Thanks.

What tripped you up about the scala file format? It’s probably the easiest option.

I paraphrase the scala documentation here in this post:

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Thank you. I was looking for anything related to “custom scales ER-101” and didn’t think to search for a broader Scala posts.:man_facepalming:This should get me moving!