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Custom unit attempt — scannable harmonic oscillator

this is rad! :smiley:

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thanks Neil! without your videos it would not happen.

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(please see the top post)

v.3 corrected to work in 0.4.09 (so awesome! just a few things needed to be reconnected)
bugs were fixed
control ranges were corrected as well

also, i lost the right to edit the original post for some reason. is it because long time has passed since i wrote it?

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Yes I think that is the reason. I’ve changed the first post to a wiki post so you can edit it now.

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ah, good to know! thank you!

I’ve been using this unit, and I really like it, but I’m wondering about cpu usage. I’m getting 45% cpu when loading one instance on a mono channel. Is that normal?

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Unfortunately it is what it is. I am sure in middle layer it would be way more efficient (it has 8 sine oscillators, 8 bump scanners etc) but i still haven’t managed to kick myself hard enough to learn Lua and the API.

No problem! I’m excited to have it at all, I’m just new to the 301 and had what I thought was a simple patch going, and then looked at cpu and was a little shocked. Then I dug into where it was coming from and just wanted to make sure.

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You probably already know but just in case:

  • A quick peek at the scope view will give you an overview on the complexity of your patch.
  • Also, the quicksaves view will list the number of units in each OUTx chain. I multiply that by 2 to get a quick expectation of CPU load, assuming 48kHz firmware.
  • Measurements of CPU load (per unit type) are here.

@joe_biomassa Hi Joe, i have so many questions, would it be possible to hear your suggestions?

hi, of course, ask away, i’ll try to answer!

Actually i am very new to this, and i needed some guidance. Is there any place you’d suggest me to follow or read. Im really keen to understand synths better and make myself a rig set up as well. But as I said super new to all this but geeky enough to catch up fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, do you have a ER-301?

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