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Custom Unit - Bokeh 4-Step Melody Generator/Sequencer

Hi all, here with another custom unit. Bokeh - 4-Step Melody Generator/Sequencer.

It is a 4-step melodic sequencer that advances when it receives a gate/trigger/pulse instead of advancing at the whim of an oscillator wave or steady tap tempo. Cool random generator built in that matches what you can do with a turing machine

This one took some time to figure out. This unit owes a lot to @Joe for his sequential switch patch and to @odevices for his Count custom unit that was made to advance slices on the sample player upon receiving a gate.

As far as I know, this will only work on firmware 0.3.05 48k. It will definitely only work on 48k. It takes about 15%-16% in a mono chain.

Clock - send a gate/trigger/clock here to advance steps
Reset - resets to sequencer to the first step
Freeze - freezes the sequencer on the current step…any gate/trigger/clock will repeat the frozen step/note
Transpose - transposes whole sequence
Step 1-4 - sets the note for each step
Random - toggle on to allow random seeding per step…toggling off will disable all random parameters and the unit will revert back to the notes chosen on the steps
Hold - toggling on will hold the random notes so you can loop any random melody you like
Rnd 1-4 - sets the amount of random per step. at 0, no random will happen for that step…useful if you only want to randomize certain steps
No Touch - DO NOT TOUCH :slight_smile: This will be removed in a future version


  • Works amazing with the Scale Quantizer unit after it. Instant new melodies for days
  • If you want to use the same gate you are running the sequencer with elsewhere in the system (like triggering an ASDR), I would recommend a little gate delay anywhere else you put that gate
  • Sometimes a step will repeat…not often, but sometimes…still trying to figure that one out, it’s happening in the No Touch section if you want to take a look


  • Alternate step amounts, controllable step amounts
  • Change sequencer direction
  • Record sequence
  • Random rhythm generator

Bokeh (112.4 KB)


@rbeny bless u

wow this sounds awesome!!! i’ll hook it up Asap!

Thanks !

A few things here :
The sequence seem to reset itself from time to time with apparently no reason.
I can’t get the randomization working.

Can’t wait to try this! Thank you for making it available.


Hmm, I can’t seem to get the sequence to reset, only repeat every once in a while. What firmware are you on and what are you using to advance the steps?

For random, is the toggle switch on and the sliders up for the steps you want to randomize?

Thought more people would be interested in at least the advancing steps/switches with a gate :no_mouth:

Back to the lab.


I am interested in testing the unit. While I downloaded it last night I’ve been between Teletype and Control Forge eating my brain.

Please don’t be disheartened, there are only just over 300 folk registered on this forum, many are silent and rarely visit, a few are very vocal, most visit only occasionally, everyone is busy with life and their own stuff, a low response to a request like this doesn’t mean there’s no interest, just that we are, for the time being at least, a super small community :slight_smile:

So, please do keep doing what you are doing - it’s awesome!!



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Definitely. I’ll be checking this out next time I’m in front of my modular.

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@rbeny - ditto what Kel said- I am super excited to test this!!!

Sorry, have been dragged in to a ton of work trying to get to the Xmas break.

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No luv in da club?

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I won’t be able to test it until the weekend unfortunately. Am I interested in it? Of course. This is potentially a game changer. Lots of love to you for doing this (and for your music too, but I already told you that elsewhere). :slight_smile:

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Finally getting a chance to explore Bokeh. Love the idea of user choice regarding step amounts.

Regarding sequencer direction, please add Brownian. It was recently added to the Stillson Hammer and is a beautiful motion.

When the Random trigger is inactive the Hold trigger is still active although it’s not effecting a hold of anything without the Random trigger activated. Doesn’t really impact anything, just noticing it.

Step repeat seems pretty consistently to repeat on the 21st cycle. I tried fooling around with the settings in No Touch but it just makes the problem worse.

I tried Ultraviolet after a Sin Osc that is being sequenced by Bokeh with the Scale Quantizer following it. I set full wet on Ultraviolet with not much gain, sometimes minus gain, I’m getting cracks and pops almost like clipping. The CPU is at a healthy 58-62%. I’m using firmware v0.3.05 48kHz. I’ve tried adjusting the oscillator to various settings, various feedback settings where appropriate, reverb on or off and still the clicks persist? I can’t figure out how to get past them.

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Also, hat’s off to your work on this as I’ve now been listening to the Bokeh and Scale Quantizer at work for about 90 minutes as the random trigger drifts through various notes using the major pentatonic scale. Next up I need to try this on a sample.


I guess it’s my mistake. I’m on 0.3.03. Upgrading !

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Totally interested, just getting to it now off the back of a 23 hour power blackout! Had to drive to within a couple of miles of the town 35 miles away in order to get a communication link sufficient to converse with clients today, but with only USB power at my disposal. I’m extremely grateful for yours and other’s work offered to others of us here on the list.

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I tried the same but without the scale quantizer and also with CPU around 62-64 I’m getting a lot of cracking and popping which sounds to me also like digital clipping.

In terms of Bokeh, I am using it as a modulation on the V/oct of a Sin wave, with a VCA post Sin Osc with an envelope in the VCA triggered by the same clock as that which is clocking the Bokeh. Ultraviolet follows the VCA Does that sound like a reasonable case scenario, or am I misconstruing function? Aside from the abovementioned cracking and popping, I’m getting some lovely melodies.

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Thanks for the Unit, sounds awesome on the paper,

but i dont get it work, where do i have to place the Custom Unit with this Preset ? before a Osc or Manual Grains dosent work here, other way makes no sense