Custom Unit - Bokeh 4-Step Melody Generator/Sequencer

It has to be one level below a sound source such as on a 1V/Oct, not inline with the sound.


Can’t wait to explore this with Pam’s New Workout. I’ve been meaning to explore rhytmic repetition, and this is the perfect reason! A tip of all the hats to @rbeny

Thanks for the detailed run-through.

I think Brownian could be implemented. I at least have an idea how to try it.

If Random trigger is inactive and Hold trigger is active, it’s still holding the random sequence that was heard while Random trigger was active. Can effectively switch between 2 sequences.

Interesting that it’s on the 21st cycle. I wonder if my math is slightly off somewhere. I’m 90% certain it has to do with the Count unit and the Sawtooth wave controlling the sequencer. Will explore more, but on other settings it was repeating way more often. Do you notice if it’s a certain step repeating? To me it seems like Step 3.

Just fired up the Sin Osc/Bokeh/UV patch described. Definitely getting crackles right away due to the volume of the signal…had to put gain way down to fix that. Actually, ended up putting a limiter after the Sin Osc instead. Seems fine, though as I increase density, I’m hitting 90% on the CPU. I imagine that’s the main culprit. Definitely consistent with the clicks I’ve heard when pushing the CPU that hard before…

cc: @sixnon - ps good to hear the power is back on

Always looking for ways to decrease the CPU on these units…there will be one for Bokeh (have an idea to get it way down), UV is what it is, unless you start taking away some of the bells and whistles, but then you might as well use the regular Grain unit. I noticed that there are some clicks from time to time if you changed the pitch or reverse the grains…I might try a longer buffer to reduce those.


That’ll do it. The Sample and Hold was broken in that firmware and this unit uses a few of them :slight_smile:

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Getting Pam’s was inspirational. Such a great module. I wanted to kind of re-create what I do with Pam’s and Voltage Block…though it’s a little different.


This sounds to me like a scaling issue, I have had similar experiences myself until I got the gain staging just right, see this thread for a discussion on how / why:

Might not be this of course, but hope it helps!


Ah this may help immensely!! Thank you!

Yeah, I came to that conclusion last night regarding levels, and took 'em down pretty low. Made a difference but stil with some of those clicks (which I agree sound a lot like those which eventuate when the CPU pushed). Unlike you I had an external modulation to Feedback and Density and cranked them up whilst watching the CPU levels in the scopes and stayed at a steady 62 CPU usage and clicks remained.

Size setting had much more CPU impact, but I guess they’re all related ie size at greater density level would have more impact on CPU?

I’ve noticed that if you get those clicks from pushing the CPU, they will still be there once you bring the CPU down. I’ve had to reload whatever chains/units I was using to fix it…or even reboot in some cases.

Ok, good to know. I’ll give that a try from a fresh boot and install of the custom unit.

This is nothing profound, it’s just a quick test of Bokeh with two instances (each driving a sine oscillator). There’s also Rings in easter egg mode, a digitakt, and some other modules…

Thank you r beny for making this unit available!


i have too many unwanted skipped steps for this unit to be usable. Any idea what causes this ?

I was hacking this unit last night to create a trigger sequencer and I noticed erratic behavior with the Count unit, which is at the heart of Bokeh. Pretty sure that’s what’s causing the skipped steps but not sure how to fix it

It’s 100% something going on in there, if you look at the CV values rise as a trigger is received, you’ll see it either repeat or not rise far enough to open the next Bump Scanner. Have a few ideas on how to tackle this…will report soon.

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Fixed! I figured out the problem. Even though the count unit was counting to 4 correctly, the output would increase slightly after each count of 4. So eventually it would cause the bump scanners to go out of whack (and since there was a max value, it was essentially resetting). Solution - use a Bump Scanner to reset the count cycle whenever count is 1. Consistent values every cycle. Working like a charm.

Bokeh (112.4 KB)


Sitting here letting the update run and it sounds great! Working terrific with oscillator and sampler!


Finally got around to checking this out. I had to wait until I was in the right frame of mind because I knew I’d have to dissect it to figure out how it worked haha.

Really clever design here, @rbeny!! Thank you for sharing this. :star_struck:

Here’s my first little foray with it. The sound is all created within the ER-301, and everything is being driven by 4 of the drum/gate sequencer channels on a beatstep pro. The melodic tones are both sine wave units distorted by the sample scanner. Never knew a four step sequencer could be so much fun!


Oh, forgot to mention… this may or may not be obvious but don’t think it’s been explicitly stated here.

One really fun way to use this is to not send a clock or anything scheduled into the clock input, but rather connect it up to a manual gate. I was using one of the drum pads on my beatstep to control Bokeh’s clock and the amp envelope. When you do this, Bokeh is controlling the pitch (with or without some elements of controlled randomness), but you are manually controlling note length and timing.

Kind of like a cross between playing a keyboard and playing a sequencer - only one finger required. :wink: You can get some melodic structures that would probably be tedious to program on a sequencer, along with some human “feel.”


Yes! Being able to play it like that was part of why I wanted to build it. Have it hooked up to my Four Brooks Rook.

I think I should change clock to advance or something…since having something other than clock is where it shines.

Thinking up other applications where this count unit could be applied


Bokeh seems to be exactly what I’m looking for,
is there any 0.5.x version available?

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