Custom Unit Control alias Idea

although I still have no idea what the command bus might be or offer…

I was working on a patch earlier and was thinking, it would pretty slick if you could i.e.: “tag” a parameter from any unit inside the custom unit, and this would create an ‘alias control’ that would show up on the custom unit’s surface layer (as well as the control list so you could re-order). The fader or button would behave and update exactly like the real control it’s aliased from.

The chain routing on the subscreen would be of the actual subchain of the control it’s aliased to.

I’d never want to abandon the local controls, but think in some cases this could eliminate some extra in between routing if you wanted to control a single specific parameter on the surface that’s deep within the custom unit.



I like this idea. :+1:

Some thoughts…

  • Promote/demote terminology vs alias/tag?
  • What happens when you have nested custom units? The first promote brings the control up to the enclosing custom unit, then promote it again (from the inner custom unit interface) to bring it up to the outer custom unit?
  • Is it OK to keep adding controls to a unit until it gets super long? Or should there be a paging UI?

great idea!
so making custom controls way more easy.

I like this idea a lot. Pretty common for me to create a custom control and then go assign it directly to a unit’s control.

Some additional thoughts

  • Would be really sweet if eventually you could set min/max values on the custom (or promoted) controls. Sometimes the full range doesn’t make sense for the application at hand. I guess maybe just the linear control is the where this makes sense.

  • Right now a long list of horizontal controls feels OK, but it may be one of those things like the new 0.3 insert unit UI where I didn’t know what I was missing until I saw it :slight_smile:

  • Maybe a way to hide a control from the UI? Sometimes they have a chain/process parked on them that isn’t meant for adjusting after the custom unit is finished, so that could help with overall # of controls


Great ideas all round but I think you’ve added a lot here @Joe - good calls!!

I like this a lot and mentioned something similar in the Trigger Riot thread.

One ask is a way to assign things to some of the controls that can’t be assigned. E.g., to make the Trigger Riot CU more user friendly I’d want to put the DIV controls at the top level, but there is no way of doing no this with the current custom controls.

So into this.

Maybe this is already on the way, but a positive value only linear fader would be nice.

Had the thought for a circular custom control - once the value reaches max, it either wraps back to min or starts going back down…think MI Frames or 4ms smr


Adding my support for bumping this up the list.

I’m trying to make a custom dual looper unit and want to set the multiplier on two clocked loopers from a custom unit control… only there’s no control that lets me map the 1-32 values of the clocked looper units.

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I was just browsing the middle layer API stuff and realized that this might be possible through lua?

@odevices – could I use the middle layer to code custom ranges and controls for custom units?

Is this a thing yet? I’ve just started getting into Custom Units and this is one of the first things I wanted to do but I haven’t worked out a clean way to do this yet. I’m trying to get pan controls to the surface with a linear fader but it’s doing all sorts of weird things. I’ll keep trying in the mean time.