Custom Unit - Controls Wish

Hi Brian!

I have a few control ideas for the custom units:

  1. Visual indicator for Gate/Toggle/Trigger Type:

I think would help will larger custom unit patches and help differentiate Gates/Toggles/Triggers controls at a glance. By adding a Letter indicator to the control itself, we’d know it’s behaviour… If the button was then active (gates/toggles), the text colour would invert.


  1. The ability to modify the Gate/Toggle/Trigger control behaviour of a button without having to delete and remake the control. i.e.: Changing an already setup gate control to a toggle, maintaining the name, subchain and assignments etc.

Here’s another suggestion :
Shift + M button on a control will allow you to edit this control.

This can be done anytime in the custom control settings menu, no?

The OP is dated back in July. :wink: