Custom Unit | Dep delay

Dep Delay | inspired by gieskes’ dep2b effect

A delay combining a feedback looper, sample player and a grain stretch unit.
The looper contains the main buffer ( 212 ms ) which can be put on hold ( odevices’ freeze delay tip ).
The sample player and grain stretch share this same buffer.
A lowpass filter is put before the signal enters the main buffer, you can also add some noise to it. A high pass filter is at the end of your signal path.

Toggle the effects on or off, no independent level controls.
The grain stretch can give glitches when speed is modulated…I sort of like the destructive character of this now and then :slight_smile:

It is built as a mono effect.


Dry/Wet —> mix
Noise —> add some noise to your signal ( before low pass filter )
Co —> Low pass cutoff control before delay path
Res —> Resonance of the lowpass filter

Choose or combine the following effects:

Fb Loop —> activate the feedback looper
P sh —> activate the pitch shifter ( contains just a sample player )
Stretch —> activate the grain stretch unit

Hold —> freeze the buffer

Fb —> the amount of feedback into the main buffer
Length —> controls a clock multiplier resetting the main buffer ( only applies to the fb looper )

Speed —> controls the speed of the sample player and the grain stretch unit
Voct —> controls the pitch of the sample player and the grain stretch
Co Hi —> High pass filter cutoff at the end of chain
Res Hi —> resonance of the high pass filter
Output —> control your output level


Dep Delay.lua (104.3 KB)


Really nice sounding in the video! I will be playing with it shortly :slight_smile: Thanks for your work!!


This is great :smiley:

Thank you!!

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nice… thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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super, saw the thread title and wondered if it was dep2b related! i have a eurorack version and it’s one of my favourite modules.

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Cool! I own the ‘pedal’. Of course this custom unit won’t cut it but it’s an inspiration on the original :slight_smile: i tried a sample scanner into the path to get a sort of bit crushing effect but then it got a bit heavy :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Julian_Edwardes shall try when I get a chance today. I’m still yet to get to your others, but impressive output!!

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I don’t know anything about the unit that inspired it but sounds cool in the video. Nice work! :slight_smile:

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Just loaded this up on firmware v0.4.0 and while loading it there’s an error, “Failed to load: Clock(Sec)”

Thanks for notifying, I’ll have to look into it. Haven’t installed the latest firmware yet, but psyched to do so :slight_smile:

That sounds a great unit thanks for sharing

Love the demo!!! Like Joe, I don’t know anything about the original effect but it sound splendid. I’m on 0.4 right now however… Hope the unit will work so I can give it a whirl.

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It’s broken apparantly; I still have to look into it ( house renovation and all that ) I can imagine rebuilding the unit due to the new routing abilities

I’m out here skipping along nudging the custom unit builders about updates to things…such as your Dep Delay :slight_smile:


I agree, I should get to it



Here’s an update for the depdelay.
I’ve chosen to rename it, it is now a stereo unit.
I want to build a mono version as well soon.
There are some extra controls and features in this version.

Enjoy, hope you like it.

Color Burn - (Depdelay) v 04.11 - stereo
CPU load- 72%

Clock drives the pitch shifter and grain stretch unit.
Period sets the speed of the clock/sec in ms
CFM is a control for the clock frequency modulator; inside period control there is a saw lfo
this controls it’s frequency.

Offs is an offset for the saw lfo

Dry - volume for your dry signal input

Sync - sync gate for the clock/sec unit

Hold- freeze the main buffer

Noise - add some pink noise to your input signal before recording ( there’s also a little adsr in there to open a vca after the noise source; it fires according to the clock /sec unit settings )
Lpf fr - frequency parameter for the lowpass filter
Res - resonance parameter for the lowpass filter

FBL - engage the feedback looper VCA
Fb - feedback parameter of the looper (main buffer)
P FBL - panning parameter for the feedback looper

PSH - engage the Pitch shifter VCA
V8 PSH - Voct parameter for the pitch shifter
P PSH - panning parameter for the pitch shifter

STR - engage the Grainstretch VCA
V8 STR - V oct parameter for the grain stretch unit
Sp STR - Speed parameter for the Grainstretch unit
Dur STR - duration in ms for the GrainStretch Unit
P STR - panning parameter for the Grainstretch unit

Hpf f - Hipass filter frequency
Hpf res - Hipassfilter resonance

Color Burn.unit (62.8 KB)


Looking forward to taking this for a spin

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