Custom Unit - Dream Looper (twin-loop) - early alpha

So here is my work in progress, the looper of my dreams. It’s still in alpha, but I think I’m on a good way. Anyway I need your input.

It is one custom unit that assumes firmware 0.4 and the following:
Stereo input on channel 1 and 2, stereo output on 1 and 2.
A clock signal on C3 and a manual switch trigger (like a foot pedal) or A3.
As I am new to custom units, I don’t know if the two buffer files you need will be generated on the fly. If not, please generate two buffer files, each about 30 seconds long, so you have enough beef even for longer recordings. Then attach buffer file 1 to “Rec Loop 1” and “Vari Speed Player 1” and the second buffer to “Rec Loop 2” and “Vari Speed Player 2”.
What happens should be this:
One looper is always recording. The clock divider is currently assuming, that a bar is 8 clock triggers long. When you trigger a switch, the looper ends recording at the end of the current bar, and the other looper 2 starts recording. At the same time, Vari Speed Player 1 starts to playback. When you switch again, at the end of the bar the second player should start to play what you just recorded and looper 1 stars recording again. So you can always loop the last bar you recorded and record your current playing at the same time.
My current problem is, that the variplayers do not get the gate signal after each bar, so they do not jump back to the beginning of the bar. This means the whole buffer file is played, because the player does not recognice the end of the bar. Maybe someone has a solution for this.

Here is the custom unit. Enjoy!


have you considered the use of a Counter unit? you can set a threshold (a number representing a “step” and it will fire a gate when that step is reached.

a suggestion and a question:

for clock and manual switch create two custom unit controls linked to those parameters, they will show up in the CU UI so the user might put the clock in whatever input she likes.

which looper are you using?

Sure! I used it to determine the bar length from the input clock and a preset number. For European homegenization reasons I used 8 subdivisions to call a it a full bar. :joy: In a later stage this will be a simple fader where you can dial in the clock pulses it needs for a full bar.

Im using two Feedback Looper and got them synchronized quite well. My current headscratch is to make one of the two Vari Speed Players playing the same portion of the loop over and over again (based on the length of the bar) and switch players at the right moment.

I added the clock and switch input already for the custom unit I posted above. But I’m a little careful with custom units right now, because of the problems with their inputs in firmware 0.4.01. I am sure they will be helpful in a later stage of the project and with a more mature .4 firmware.
Anyway I prefer this looper/player setup to be a self contained custom unit, as it will be the basis for many more of my explorations. As soon as this runs stable I plan to add effects to each of the file players, like grain delays, pitch shifters (hopefully we gat a native one), reverse play and so on…
This is just the beginning.