Custom Unit | Mod Delay : UPDATED

Mod Delay | inspired by MF104m


Drive —> Boost your input (default is Input 1 )
Output level—> Boost your output level
Mix—> dry/wet mix
Del Time—> This contains the six Lfo’s which will modulate the delay time
Shrt/Lng—> Choose a short ( 40ms - 400ms ) or Long (80ms-800ms) delay time
Feedback—> the amount of feedback back into the delay
Lfo—> Lfo selector, choose between Sine/Triangle/Ramp up/Ramp down/Square and Random (the ramps need some finetuning, ideas welcome )
Rate—> Lfo rate 0.05hz - 50.0hz
Amount —> The amount of modulation of the delay time

(Built with firmware version 03.16)

Eventually I wish to rebuild these in a way that you won’t have to select your input, thus having to dive into the unit. However switching delays ( and keeping the Wet parameters intact for the dry/wet controls ) has me a bit puzzled now. Perhaps the future crossfade unit can provide a build which will let it behave like an insert effect.

Anyway, enjoy :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve added a modified version which incorporates @rbeny 's tip of shared buffers. You can now place the unit directly after your source, no need to select your input.

Mod delay.lua (126.7 KB)

Mod delay2.lua (147.5 KB)


You are on a roll. Cranking them out faster than I can download and check them out. Are you and @odevices eating the same thing for breakfast? :slight_smile:


Hahaha, don’t know. I’m sure enjoying myself in these builds :slight_smile:


I know. It can be almost addictive seeing what you can create. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing! I’ll check these out soon.

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If you use one of the loopers and a Sample Player with a shared buffer, you can make a wet/dry crossfading type of thing. The looper (think super short ms buffer size) goes in the top level of the custom unit, so it’s able to capture the incoming audio. The Sample Player goes in a Mixer unit. The effect you build would go in the Mixer…this would be your 100% wet effect. VCAs go after the looper and the Sample Player and the Wet/Dry control would open/close the VCAs.

I have a custom template unit I made with just this wet/dry signal. I won’t be around my euro case for the next 2 days, but I’d be happy to share it (needs to be updated with the new looper functions)

Looking forward to checking out your delay in a few days as well!


awesome, thanks for sharing

That’s brilliant man!

Updated version thanks to @rbeny 's tip


Bumping this if it will be / has been updated for 0.4.11?

Not yet, I’ll look into it…when there is some more time :slight_smile:

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