Custom Unit Request

Hi Brian,

Wondering if it would be useful to have an “Audio Source” in the custom controls area?

That way if you have a complicated bunch of nested chains (or whatever) using the same audio source, they could be completely updated/reassigned from the front panel of the custom unit in the same manner as CV/gate and 1/V.

Then again, as I’ve been away from the studio for a few days, and haven’t had a chance to see if custom CV controls can pass audio already. Oops!



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The custom CV controls can pass audio, but there is no stereo option. I will be adding another parameter type audio(dB) which will look and act exactly like the lo/mid/hi gain controls on the EQ3 unit. It will have the added benefit of inheriting its channel count from the unit’s input/output.


sounds great!

Another thought is:

what if the audio input to the Custom unit was an option in the Locals list?

Just a bump on this idea.

I was making an effect processor within a custom unit, and currently have to put the audio input on a user control so it’s signal available throughout the custom unit.

If the custom unit input was also tappable via locals, any parallel signal process could easily be achieved (i.e.: having an envelope follower generate cv of the audio source while still passing audio through the unit normally) without changing the usual left side in/right side out signal flow structure of the custom unit.

This would make it easier sharing custom unit presets, as you wouldn’t have to provide additional info such as “make sure you also route the audio input to control input X” etc…


Would also love that.

My workaround is to put a looper with a tiny buffer after the input and use sample players sharing the buffer to put the signal elsewhere. Probably not the best for CPU saving.

+1 for that

Yeah good idea