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Custom Unit: rFM Machine

I know this was made for earlier firmware but is anyone getting their cpu majorly maxed out by this on the newest firmware?

Thanks for sharing ! How can i change trigger inputs ? I would like to use gate 1,2,3

Thanks a lot for your help

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For example, changing the trig input for the ‘kick’ which in this specific case is called ‘Low’… once you’ve loaded the preset, scroll to the right and click on open.

Low is the first unit and so, if you highlight the eg1 and click you will now find your input sub-chain and if you click on A1 you can then select a different input control.

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Thanks a lot !

same here - thought it was just me

Oh that’s a bugger. I’ll try the new firmware soon and see if it’s the same for me. Seems like @nocables had the same issue though.

Not sure how this would be fixed as far as the instrument’s design. The new firmware must be chewing up more CPU somewhere. Hmmm.

Thanks for replying. Beat me to it. :slight_smile:

A pleasure mate! Love hearing this thing out in the wild. :+1::+1:

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@boomblip, @nocables
I couldn’t reproduce this BTW. This is what I get:

v0.5.03, 48kHz, normal latency
mono chain: 28%
stereo chain: 34%

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just wanted to day its working fine even on a heavy session. It was crashing on load
'I LOOOOVe it - very cool. thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Ah awesome! That for letting us all know.

So good you’re loving it too! Be sure to post some sounds up if you record something out. :+1: