Custom Unit | Ringmodulator : UPDATED

Ringmodulator | Inspired by Moogerfooger pedal


Drive —> Boost your input (default is Input 1 )
Lfo Amount —> The amount of modulation of the modulator frequency
Shape/Ext—> Choose between Sine/Square or an external Lfo (default is A1)
Rate—> Lfo rate
ModMix—> Dry wet mix
Lo/Hi—> Choose a Lo or Hi freq modulator ( the modulators are saw waves )
Freq—> Frequency of the modulators
Carrier Select —> When active you can use an external source as the carrier (default is Input 2)

Let me know if I’ve done something wrong :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Again using @rbeny 's tip of a shared buffer, it is now no longer needed to select your input. Just place the unit behind your source.

(Built with firmware version 03.16)RingMod.lua (114.8 KB)

RingMod2.lua (126.0 KB)



Cool! Looking forward to trying this out!

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Thanks Joe, let me know if you’ve found stuff that can be improved :slight_smile:

Oh yes sound good ! :heart_eyes:

Updated version available thanks to @rbeny 's tip