Custom unit saving/loading woes 0.2.15 96k (**edit** figured it out!)

I’m sure that I’m doing something incorrectly, but I am having trouble with custom units and bleeding edge 0.2.15

I made a new custom unit with two custom controls, V/oct1 (pitch) reading from A1 and Q (linear) reading from A2. Inside of the custom unit, I made a lowpass and bandpass ladder filters that reference the two controls.

I then saved the custom unit to disk as bndpass.lua bndpass.lua (5.9 KB)

Now, I look in that file and I see references to both custom controllers and to the lp/hp units. But when I try to load it into a mixer channel, or even into a regular top-level channel, nothing happens - I create a mixer, enter the mixer channel, and then load bndpass.lua, but it doesn’t create the custom unit nor the filters contained within it.

Perhaps I’m not doing it correctly?

Ah, looks like I need to insert a custom unit and then load the saved custom unit preset “on-top” of the inserted custom unit

If it’s something your super happy with, you could save the custom unit preset into the ‘chooser’ menu. This custom unit will show up in the unit select list so you can load it into a chain in the same manner as selecting any pre-existing unit! :smiley:

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