Custom Unit - ScanMix. 4 input variable-width crossfader

First time posting a Custom Unit here… let me know if I screwed anything up.

I’m working on shrinking my system, so I wanted a mixer similar to the Mixiplexer or RxMx. This Custom Unit preset uses the four main inputs. The Channel control determines what the active channel is, while the Spread control determines how many channels are simultaneously audible. There’s a last-stage Level control to help prevent saturation/clipping when the Spread parameter is high.

This is achieved by using four offset Bump Scanner units. A1 expects a unipolar input to control the active channel. A2 controls Spread.

For my own purposes, this uses 4 mono inputs but has stereo output. I pretty much never use the 301 in mono mode. A fun, easy modification (if you want) would be to add four pan controls to the Custom Unit. I left them out, as this would make the interface too busy for me.

scanmix.lua (23.1 KB)


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Thanks, Joe!

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