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Custom Unit - Trash Echo - Broken Tape Echo Effect



A few people asked for a tape echo version of Trash Tape , so here you go!

Input is configured for IN 1

Lo Cut
Dry Vol
Wet Vol

Trash Echo.lua (123.8 KB)

Updated for firmware v0.3.16

Trash Echo V2.lua (66.5 KB)

Custom Unit: Trash Tape - Realtime Crappy Cassette effect

Heheh nice… looking forward to trying this out!!



Oh sweet, I’ll have give this a spin!



Tried this with the latest firmware and I get a ‘Error loading unit Variable Delay’ or similar error. Thought I’d let you know!


Yup, well aware. I’ve fixed Trash Tape but I’ve yet to update Trash Echo


Updated for firmware v0.3.12


Does this work with the most recent update? It’s passing signal for me but doing nothing…


I just tested this new version and I too have the same problem of nothing being effected on the end of chain. On the other hand if I use the most recent Trash Tape from @scttcmpbll in the exact same setup it works just fine.


I figured out the problem, should be all good now!


I’m now second guessing myself if anything was wrong with the older version, as I had forgotten that this effect required me to configure the input channel in the mixer and isn’t purely an inline effect like the Trash Tape.


There was definitely an issue, should be good now though


Will this guy be updated at some stage? I miss it quite a bit :slight_smile:


Likewise, wonderful effect.


+1 plz give us updated traaaaaaaaash :grimacing:


I’m definitely planning to update my custom units, I just haven’t switched over to .4 yet. Soon!


I’ve updated Trash Echo for firmware v0.4.10.
Now you can get up to 30 seconds of delay and the delays degrade over time (Frippertrash!)

W&F (wow & flutter)
Lo Cut
Hi Cut

Trash Echo .4.10.unit (41.3 KB)


An epic way to end the warbly year! Big thanks for the soup recipe Mr.Campbell


Amazing! It’s this one mono only or also usable in stereo?


Its mono, though it could probably be set up for stereo with some tweaking


Just been playing with this and its sounding fantastic!!! thank you for the update.
I had a go making it stereo but its not making any sense :grimacing:
When I go to ‘the wow flutter age’ input the left has Feedback (left) but when I go to setup the right input it takes me to feeback in scope mode and I select it but its also says Feedback (left) and I cant select the right channel, maybe there isn’t a right channel being created?
What can i do to tweak this into stereo?
Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!