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Custom Unit - Trash Echo - Broken Tape Echo Effect




Thanks! that sorted it out.

I had a go at making a stereo version and a stereo clocked delay version.

Trash Echo LR.unit (51.6 KB)
Trash Echo Clockd.unit (54.2 KB)

Hope you don’t mind and I did it justice @scttcmpbll
Feel free to rename and tweak.


Don’t mind at all! I’ll give em a spin tomorrow


I did have some trouble with a few controls breaking when linking channels for stereo but I spent time comparing the mono version to the stereo and making sure they were the same. Let me know if I stuffed anything up.


This is a really nice delay. having fun with it. one thing I would consider changing about the unit is to set the input to a global spot. this way if you decide to send audio from a local source, it won’t break the unit. As it stands, If I change the audio input from input 1 to say a local sampler or synth I have created, I have to change multiple places where input 1 is used in the unit. this can be solved by setting a top level input right? gonna try and do that now.


Wishing i could help with this… not made much headway in the lua book😑


hi, first post here, got an ER-301 second hand a few days ago and was also wondering how to use this with the sample players… did you have success changing the assignments, or where are these actually visible?


Updated Trash Echo so that you don’t have to use input 1 or specify another input. Just put it after whatever you want to effect (input, sample player, etc). Let me know if anything’s weird.
CC: @Flux302, @doomglue

Trash Echo .4.10 B.unit (42.6 KB)


Oh awesome! Is it stereo?


No, still mono


I will try to test it tomorrow. I’ve been building my own as well hope to have it done by end of the week


No worries! I’ll have another go at making a Stereo version.


wow. thanks, will try it out tonight


works like a charm, thanks so much


I’m really excited to try this - but I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. I’m 100% sure this is user error!

I downloaded the UNIT above and copied it to my ER-301 SD card. After that I inserted the preset into a chain after a mixer. There is sound going into the mixer and what looks like sound going out of the UNIT but I don’t hear any delay effect?

Is there a step that Im missing?


Did you insert a custom unit then load Trash Echo into the unit?


That will be it!! Thanks for the help. All working now!


FYI. Although you can still load unit presets into an existing unit, since v0.4 you can also now load a unit preset (*.unit) directly from the unit insert screen.