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Custom Unit: Trash Tape - Realtime Crappy Cassette effect (updated for v0.5.x)

Hi all!
I just put together my first custom unit called Trash Tape. Its a real-time lo-fi cassette effect with controls for Wow, Flutter, Dropout, Noise, and Lo Cut.
Give it a spin and lemme know what you think. I’m still pretty new to the 301, so I’m open to improvements/suggestions on the unit.

trash-tape.lua.zip (4.7 KB)

I just updated Trash Tape to include a control for Hiss. The incoming signal compresses the hiss much like on a real cassette:

trash-tape.lua.zip (6.1 KB)

I’ve just update Trash Tape to work on firmware on v0.3.12
Its slightly different, controls are now:

Tape Age
Lo Cut

trash-tape V2.lua (53.0 KB)

EDIT (4.13.20):
I’ve just updated Trash Tape for firmware on v0.5.01
Its an improvement on previous versions (in my opinion). Controls are:

WF amt - wow & flutter amount (depth of pitch modulation)
WF spd - wow & flutter speed (speed of the pitch modulation)
WF txt - wow & flutter texture (0 = smoothed, 5 = rough)
Age - tape age (0 = new, 5 = ancient)
Lo Cut - high pass filter
Hiss - amount of tape hiss
Dry - original signal level
Wet - Trash Tape signal level

Trash Tape v0.5.x.unit (42.1 KB)


Awesome - excited to give this a spin in the coming days :+1:

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Nice work! running a sting patch from plonk into the smr then through this.
Sounds awesome!!!
Thank you!!!


Wow, can’t wait to try this, sounds right up my alley!


If anyone posts an Instagram clip using this, please tag me! - @scttcmpbll
Would love to hear other people putting it to use!


Will try and hit one later tonight. As an aside, been digging your posts lately!

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I tried but it doesn’t load. :frowning:
Anyone else tried it already?

Are you on v0.3.02?

I don’t use the Instagrams @scttcmpbll but here’s an example of a moog played into grain stretch and then effected (terribly inelegantly dropped in and bypassed at about 30 seconds from beginning and end - apologies) with parameters of the Trash Tape modulated by a global chain sin unit.

Excellent unit, thanks, works here on 3.0.2


Yes. But probably it’s too late (but I was excited and I wanted to try it right away) and I did something wrong myself. I’ll retry tomorrow.

Wild! Love it!

Did you put it here: v0.3 > presets > units > custom-unit?
Then load a custom unit, click on it twice and load trash tape from there

Great little unit! Need some tape hiss now.

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I can’t find a reason I can’t manage to load this. I create a custom unit, then I load the .lua and nothing happens. If I do it with a custom unit I created myself (same folder) everything works normally, but trash tape doesn’t load. I’m on 0.3.02. Should I reflash the firmware?

Are you focus pressing the unit header and then pressing Load Preset?

(Apologies for the brittle preset loading. I have plans to make it less of a hit-and-miss experience.)

This is the sequence (stills from a video)

Basically it looks it’s all ok, but the preset is not there. :thinking:

Don’t click “open” after placing the custom unit. Click the unit name block again and “load preset”

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You are attempting to load a chain preset. You need to load a unit preset which is done from the unit’s header.

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