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Custom Unit: Trash Tape - Realtime Crappy Cassette effect



As soon as I get home I’ll try! (Thanks)


It works! Thanks @scttcmpbll and @odevices. Sorry for being so dumb.

It’s awesome, @scttcmpbll! Wohooo!


I just updated Trash Tape to include a control for Hiss. The incoming signal compresses the hiss much like on a real cassette. Download in original post.


This is so awesome that I just reduced my rig to sound like a $59 used cassette player from 1980: winning.


Agreed, this is just too cool. I had to record a short nonsense noodling with the unit just to share how cool it sounds. I overdid the settings, sorry :slight_smile:


I can’t express how much I love this unit. Inspiring.


Maybe if we were to all HISS simultaneously :slight_smile:


Yes!!! Thanks. I was playing around yesterday adding hiss but wasn’t satisfied with it.


Thanks duude! Looking forward to checking out your custom units when v0.2 units get support in the current firmware (or if you rebuild them)


You’d better check out today’s firmware upgrade :slight_smile:


O man, didn’t know there was an upgrade!


I was saying exactly this to my wife “I just spend thousands to be delighted at the simulation of a technology I bemoaned at the time of using it”!

I do actually have a cassette player in my vehicle, but have only 3 cassettes!


Eric at Landscape.fm is creating a new version of the following, one with recording capability!



I did see that in passing some time back! I’ll have a look at where it’s at now.

Edit: (actually the tape in my vehicle sounds like that quite regularly with NO human intervention!)

Of course there’s also the T-rex delay unit, but at around $900 USD i’m not sufficiently nostalgic! I have just had the notion to record the output of my Hilux cassette player in order to play back through Trash Tape, tho…very meta!


I’m looking at the HC-TT more as a recording device to grab samples out of Eurorack and specifically the ER-301 to then feed back into the ER-301 with all of the inherent errors that will accompany playing tape by hand.


Oh, i thought it playback only?


The older sold out units were playback only, the one coming out in the new year has recording capability.


Ahh, that’s a very interesting development and, yes, a great compliment to the Er-301!

(oh, i see i didn’t read your first post properly wherin you already mentioned the recording capacity! - and I just tried to add an “embarrased” emoji but instead chose a “kissing with eyes closed” one, highlighting my closer connection with a cassette generation than an emoji one! Although it is telling of the culture that an embarrassed emoji does not seem to exist!)


Sounds awesome! @scttcmpbll I’ll totally be using this. :pray:


Time to add a Wet/Dry control :slight_smile: