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Custom Unit: Trash Tape - Realtime Crappy Cassette effect



Updated to work on firmware v0.3.12


Thanks for such a prompt update @scttcmpbll :grinning:


Thanks for this - works and sounds great.


my trash tapes are not working on 3.13 … might need to downgrade to 12 as it’s my favourite effect :slight_smile:


working ok here but when i tried the “echo” version it was not working for me.


There’s been an update to the echo, have you got the V2 already?


There’s a V2 for both Trash units that should have you back up and running


Thought I downloaded V2 but will confirm, thx


Yeah me too, v2 didn’t work … might be a 3.13 issue


Fixed! Download in the Trash Echo thread (still V2)


just wondering, does this expect a stereo in and produce stereo out?

if it does whats the easiest way to make a mono version and save it?


It was designed as mono


Cool, I thought so, I just seemed to get channel crosstalk but that may have been my rme mixer settings.


@scttcmpbll Installed both this and the Echo today. Lovely work Scott.


@scttcmpbll I was wondering if you’d be updating Trash Tape to work on 0.4.x?


Yes! Oh! I would love to play with this again.


Yup! Not exactly sure when but I’ll get to it soon


I’ve just updated Trash Tape to work on firmware v0.4.10


trash-tape 0.4.10.unit (30.0 KB)


Thanks for the update!


Excellent @scttcmpbll many thanks.