Custom Unit - Trig8 / Trig4 - trigger sequencers with randomization

Not sure if this has been done yet, but I’ve hacked @rbeny 's Bokeh unit to make a couple trigger sequencers that might be of use. Trig8 & Trig4, both function the same, the obvious difference being one has 8 steps and the other has 4. It works as an internal and external (via out jack) trigger.

Input for Clock and Reset
Each step has an on/off toggle and a toggle that will turn it on and off at random.

Trig8.lua (156.9 KB)
Trig4.lua (94.5 KB)


Ooh, good stuff…these 2 will play nice with each other

Excellent, thanks!

assistance required for triggering samples via trig 8 custom unit.

So this looks like an ideal way to trigger samples without using up my other sequencer triggers within my greater system. But just can’t get my samples to trigger.

So, I have a mixer at the top of my chain, with the Trig8 inserted accordingly. I’m clocking and reseting the Trig8 from an external device via a couple of the CV ins (B1 & B2). All good, seems to run nicely. Now this is where I’m running into difficulty - I then try opening the Trig 8 unit and insetting the Sample Player (with sample loaded) at the end of the step chain - which seems correct as this then allows me to access the local inputs via the trigger input for the sample player. I then scroll through and select say ‘step 1’ for example, but I see nothing - no gate trigger as such… have tried changing offsets and thresholds… but nothing… what fundamental task am I missing here… I’m fairly new to the 301, but getting the swing of navigation… Help please?

Trig8 needs to be place inside the “trig” parameter on the Sample Player

Thanks Scott - that works great, but now trying to trigger different parts of the sample from different steps. I have found a wiered hacked way to doo it by insterting multiple mixers after the Trig8 with discrete sample players embedded accordingly, but seems rather convoluted. Any neater way of doing this, with the Trig8 correctly inserted in the sample player, that you could recommend?

Not sure if that can be done

Yeah, scratching my head with this one. Have come up with a couple of work arounds, but way too hungry on the CPU as would involve multiple instances of the Trig8. Thanks for the replies though, all still very helpful.

i am a new user from France , i have v 3.0 os , do the trigger 4 -8 should work?
for now the only custom unit i can open is ultraviolet .
it is in my custom unit folder and i try to load in a mixer or in a trigger destination but nothing is loading after the quick loading window .
any help ?
and bravo for this incredible musical module !!!

You’ll probably need to update the firmware, though I haven’t tested this with the latest release

I guessed I had the latest firmware as I received the unit 5 days ago :wink:
Any other help on why I was able to open ultraviolet properly one time and since no custom unit at all.
Should I reset my quick save ?

And thx for your help !

Ok sorry i get it
I was confused between the loading from the menus in the custom unit . Just press twice on the custom unit name and go .
Thx :slight_smile:

“coxinhell” excellent lol :beetle:

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