Custom Unit - Trigger Riot Channel

Here is my first custom unit which I thought would share. This replicates the functionality of a channel of Trigger Riot. It expects a clock signal coming in from a global chain (surprisingly called ‘clock’) which I have set up on G1.

I made this as I love my Trigger Riot, and had it in my 7U Performance, but its big and I wanted more things in there. This unit helped me replace it as can now trigger everything in the ER301 and use only the clock. I have sample packs saved as custom units which effectively replicatePico Drums (with the 64 samples in a file, sliced) and then drop this in to the Trigger input and done. Works for me. You can also add a delay after one of the tiggers if you want to offset the phase.


Trigger Riot.lua (23.1 KB)


Awesome :+1: Have you tried testing with 3.0.4 which was released this morning?

Not yet, so be warned. I just downloaded 3.04 and will try. Given you should be able to load old presets (this is from 2.27, should hopefully work.

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I haven’t delved into it (by which I mean I’m really not sure how to drive it yet!) but it definitely loads and produces trigger outputs on 3.0.4

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it works. The only issue have found is that the update messed up quick saves which includes the reference to the global clock input, but thats easily fixed.

Was about to ask about that G1 clock?

I have simply opened this in a custom unit in a chain, but you’re suggesting that it should be opened as a quick save?

No sorry, its a custom unit. The trigger channels each need a clock source to divide. I had this in my preset but it got wiped with the upgrade. Just add a clock to the “tempo”.

On how to drive. The unit has 4 triggers. just like a channel on trigger riot. If you change the DIV on the trigger you get at that rate. These are then combined together so you can get cool rhythms by having one trigger running at say DIV = 3 and another at DIV=4. This particularly true if you play with the gate lengths as the gates are summed (like an OR)

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I’ll repost it shortly

Ok, so there should be a global “clock” control? I have individual tempos within the subchains of the individual triggers but no top level tempo…

…and if i understand you you use this custom unit in a subchain of a triger in a sampler?

Just reposted an update in the original post. This version is confirmed to work on 3.04 and have corrected the issue. I added two custom controls to the unit to make it easier to use. The first is the clock. Just point this to whatever you are using as a clock input. Second, reset. This syncs the trigger channels and resets so you can have loops that are repeating every 16 pulses. To give an idea, if you had the divs set to 4, 7, 11 you should get a pattern like this

         - - - x - - x x - - x x - x - x

Make sense?

And yes, load this into a sample unit trigger or something like that.

Thank you. Yes, I think I’ve got it.

I can’t point the clock to an input?

If you are at the top level for the custom unit and focus on the clock trigger control you should be able to do this by pressing S1?

Those two elements (Clock and Reset) of the unit appear for maybe a half second and disappear, as though they are collapsing. I’m on firmware V0.3.5 48kHz

That’s exactly what was happening, they were collapsed from the onset.


Actually I ran into a situation earlier where the interface froze when I manually fired the reset using S3 with M5 focussed. I haven’t reproduced it and I’m not really sure what happened but the reset “button” on the display froze on regardless of how I pressed the S3 button and I couldn’t navigate in the patch. It seemed to unfreeze of its own accord about 45 seconds later.

Am also on 3.05 and it’s working fine for me

I’m going to take a fresh stab tomorrow. Just before I powered down the Trigger Riot Unit it was continuing to fire signals even after I remove the clock signal from G1 where I assigned it.

The collapsed unit also required that I load the custom unit a couple more times before a tap on Enter expanded the unit so I could see the Clock and Reset panels.

I’ll report back tomorrow after a fresh start. Awesome unit with what I got to play with.

I found a run-away feedback loop here:


The Clock parameter is fed into itself. I’ll have a think about what makes sense, to prevent this choice from being available or leave it?