Custom Unit - Troika: 3 note chance chord synth (for use with Allflesh)

Troika - 3 note chance chord synth designed for use with Landscape Allflesh, but also works with triggers. Each time a touch plate is contacted it plays a new note from the assigned scale.

Controls: tune, ADSR, portamento, vibrato

To change scale you have to dive into the unit and manually change for each voice. Hopefully this can change in the future if CV control is added to scale selection in the quantizer.

The oscillator itself is pretty arbitrary and sculpted to my taste. You could potentially dive in and tweak it, or even swap it out for a sample player or something.

Quick Instagram vid

Troika.lua (178.4 KB)


Very nice… I like the Instagram video a lot - great use of the Landscapes! :slight_smile:

I think this is what the ER-301 excels at for me, creating playable instruments with a seemingly infinite possible variations.

We’re just at the beginning of this journey, there are so many possibilities and it’s custom units like this that really inspire everyone and push things forward - so thank you for your efforts and for sharing - very much appreciated!


Thanks so much,
Its great to dive in and see how you made it. Learning a lot from this one.

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This is really nice!! Will definitely give this a go at some point!

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beautiful. can’t wait to try this out :slight_smile:

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Just back at my modular and this is the first thing I’ve tried at the ER-301. Excellent work @scttcmpbll sounds great and “playable” even with cables unpatched at one end…

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Holy guacomole.

Apologies if this is a bit off-topic but just now looking at @scttcmpbll’s video clip on instagram, I noticed that he tagged it with #er301. So I wondered if other people have been tagging their ER-301 clips similarly. Lo and behold, there is a whole world of ER-301 glamour shots that I had no idea about!


You guys and girls are frigging awesome…


Just had a look at the video, and it sounds absolutely stellar!! @scttcmpbll – thanks so much for sharing all the great units with all of us. :heart:


Glad I could lead you down the rabbit hole :slight_smile:

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Nice! I hadn’t tried the unpatched cable trick but I figured that might work

This is great!! It also makes me wonder if it’s possible to create a unit that reproduces Tom Whitwell’s chord organ.

Use as many samplers as you want chord notes; using a step sequencer to generate the CV values record them into values in each of the four samplers so you end up with multiple samples each with the CV values at regular intervals. Slice up the samples, then assign a single CV input to all four to select which ‘chord’ you would like - finally use the output of those sample players to pitch your oscillators or whatever.

Hope that makes sense, it will take a bit of setting up, but it would definitely work!


Hi, have you tried to use allflesh as triggers? Was thinking of using them to trigger the looper states. Thanks

That’s how they work in Troika, each one triggers an ADSR. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work for triggering a looper

Just got the chance to try this, and it’s just extremely beautiful. I love how you’ve coaxed such pretty tones from very simple building blocks. Thanks, I think my next sessions will be just tapping gates to the Troika and grinning :slight_smile:



is it easy to confirm if they work as (manual0 gates as well in a sense that they keep the gate on as long as they are pressed…thanks!

They do

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glad ewe finally noticed! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I used it with unpatched cables and cv controlled by maths. Both worked great.
The default scale / mode by the quantizer is dorian, and i am even switching it to other scales.
Thanks for sharing !

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