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Custom Unit - Troika: 3 note chance chord synth (for use with Allflesh)



Beautiful custom unit. Thanks for sharing !


Hello ! I discover this unit with some videos ! Is it still alive on FW 0.4.xx ?
I’m not at home to test :slight_smile:


I haven’t updated it for 0.4 yet


If you do, I’ll be happy to play it !


I’ve just updated Troika for v0.4.11
Allflesh should be plugged into A1, B1, and C1

ATTK - attack
RELS - release
PORT - portamento
VIB - vibrato rate

Troika 0.4.11.unit (78.5 KB)



Thank you.


thank you!


I tried using my allflesh for this but can’t get the gates to open. Any guidance much appreciated!


Are they plugged into A1 B1 and C1?


I haven’t tried it on your unit yet. Was inspired and wanted to try the technique on Loopers first :slight_smile: will try your CU and see if I find the solution in there.


Oh yeh, you can’t create a gate directly from the Allflesh, takes a few additional components to condition the signal the Allflesh creates when you touch it. Just open Troika and you’ll see how it works


Hey Scott is there any reason you could think of that I can hear crackling when using this, it happened with both the all flesh and if I just used a patch cable and a gate. Thanks!


I would imagine its probably the CPU? do you suggest running this on 48k?


Hmm haven’t had any issue with that. You might try opening up the unit and turning down the gain on the three voices.
I’m running it on 48k, so that could definitely be an issue


thanks! will try it out and see what happens


I used to have a crackling issue on 96 and it went away when I changed to 48K


yep! Knocked it down to 48k and worked perfectly!


one more question for you, if I want to run the Troika into say the Trash Tape do I need to just place it afterwards in the signal chain? or does it need to have a buffer Im kinda new to these units of yours so im not sure if im missing something or if I am just incorrect. Thanks so much man!


Just place Troika before Trash Tape


Boosting the signal with a limiter did the trick! :cowboy_hat_face: