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Custom Unit - Ultraviolet Granular (Clouds "Clone") NEW VERSION ON POST 94



Got his cassette release last year and it is always a joy to listen to!


Awesome work!


You know, I think this custom unit is a really nice specimen of what the ER-301 is capable of as Brian approaches stabilizing 0.2.x firmware.

Not so much what specifically it does, which I do really like. But the fact that it’s a really complex recipe that does something interesting, built by a 301 owner out of the available units. I didn’t really have to care how it works if I didn’t want to. With a couple paragraphs of documentation and a quick video, I was able to start using it.

It was almost like getting a new [physical] module in a way. It has an in, and out, and a bunch of controls that are named something descriptive, and are CV controllable. I just had to connect it up and start playing with it.

I don’t have any other modules where something like this is possible. Really cool!




Well said. I think it’s even better that another user can go inside these units and change and customize it for what works for them.

I’m really excited about the present and future of this module.


wow this sounds great!


+1 here. Awesome.


Demo sounds ace! Looking forward to trying it out, am yet to load any custom stuff made on here though.


Great Patch! Enjoyed playing with it. Thanks for sharing!


I’m a bit unclear about how to load this custom unit. I’m on the latest firmware (0.2.18), and it locks up whenever I try loading it. I should say that I am extremely inexperienced with this module and I’m sure I am doing something wrong. I have patched two audio inputs to A1 and A2, linked outputs 1 and 2 as a stereo pair, and then I’ve tried inserting Ultraviolet.

This is the first time I’ve tried importing another file with the microSD card, so maybe I’m doing something wrong there…I put it in the presets -> chains folder, where I can see it when I press LOAD.


Here are some basic steps from memory:

  1. Link channels 1 and 2.
  2. Insert a custom unit on the chain for 1+2
  3. Load preset into that custom unit.
  4. Feed audio into input 1.


Thank you Jonny. I put the custom units in a different folder (user) and now I can load it without crashing.

I really apologize for being so obtuse, but I’m still doing something wrong. I can hear the audio going through the module, but I can’t get the custom unit to affect it at all.


You have to put a gate or trigger into Trig or turn Density up for the effect to start taking place. Let me know if that works


Thanks rbeny! I have done both, without any effect. I’m sure it must be something simple. I can see the unit is getting the signal and receiving the trigger signal, but for some reason those are the only indications that something is happening. I’m hearing my audio as if it’s not being processed. I should also mention that I don’t have Bypass selected.

I really appreciate your creating this custom unit. I’m sure I’m being an idiot in some fashion. Thank you for your patience and help!


Seeing I’d not played with this before and looking at @rgalbraith and his question show up I thought I’d follow along and try out Ultraviolet. While I could appreciate it through the video @rbeny posted it’s nothing like feeding it your own sound and seeing the breadth of capability this little Custom Unit holds. Ultraviolet on its own could be a module.

Maybe this question is more for @odevices but I was wondering if there were any units within this that might be further optimized?


Try turning up size, the grains could be too small. What’s the wet/dry balance at?


Thanks again. I’ve turned everything up, unfortunately with the same result.


Looks like your signal might be going into A1 instead of IN 1?


arrgh I knew it was something simple and stupid. Thanks Joe!


Yeah seriously! He’s super talented!