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Custom Unit - Ultraviolet Granular (Clouds "Clone") NEW VERSION ON POST 94



There is no game, only journeys. :nerd: It will be exciting to see what Olivier comes up with next in this area.


Oh yes indeed… game, journey, I could have easily used either word; it was intended as a compliment either way :blush:

Me too, I am a huge fan of Oliviers work, all we know of what is coming next is that it is a module called ‘Marbles’ and he is sure it will be ‘underwhelming’ :wink:


I’m still surprised Edges didn’t do all that well. It’s a great sounding beast.


If Oliver ever builds a module he himself is happy with, it’s going to be one formidable beast. :wink:


He also alluded to there being 5 (or more if some modules are the same size) new modules coming out.



Or it will be extremely underwhelming. I don’t think his musical philosophies are getting more complicated but are rather, simplifying.



That’s also a possibility, I guess. I do tend to enjoy the deeper modules the most.

I like some of his newer philosophy that it should be clear how to use the module from the front panel. Definitely when using some of the M.I. modules I have, especially when getting into the lesser used functions (e.g. special modes, easter eggs, parasites, etc.) it can be a “break out the manual” situation. Even something as seemingly simple as Peaks - it can be tough to remember how to use it all.

O|D has solved that problem nicely with the 301, with the dual context sensitive LCD displays and soft keys. I don’t think M.I. wants to go that direction at all, from what I’ve read, though, which might just equate to simpler modules that do one or a couple of things extremely well.

I guess time will tell if the new releases appeal to me.


I just had a brainwave about the rumoured MI module Marbles:

A new take on granular synthesis and a comb filter?

It would be nice to play around with this idea on the ER-301…


I haven’t been following the MI front closely as of late - is marbles potentially the clouds “replacement/update”? Heavy emphasis on potentially and the quotes.


Your guess is as good as anyones @tomk :slight_smile:

It’s all a bit of a mystery, some kind of guessing game going on, it’s quite good fun :slight_smile:


I think you might be onto something here!
It makes a lot of sense the way the marbling on paper works as a visual metaphor for mangling sound!


Heheh, I could easily be wrong, but yeah!!! It does make sense, also the ancient culture reference; marbling started 900 years ago in Japan, and there exists a quaint film from the 70’s about it is very Olivier - well, at least as much as I perceive him in some way!


At least I sincerely hope you are right, because I would very much like to do with sound what marblers do with ink/paint!


Have a new version working 0.3 firmware. Would anyone like to test it? Not completely done yet, but it’s getting there

New features: half the CPU, reverb!, you no longer have to dive in the unit to set the input (it’s just like any other 301 effect), better gain-staging, better feedback implementation, better control over the filters, better modulation and panning.


I would love to take it for drive!


Yes indeed! Was about to load it up now 0.2 units now working in 3.0!


UltraViolet 0.34.1.lua (128.0 KB)

This will likely only work on 0.3.04. Getting some clicks on pitch change, this will be fixed. “Refraction” effect and warping not yet added. Wet/dry needs to be fixed. Sometimes on loading the reverb doesn’t load and you won’t get any sound out of the chain. Seems to be a Freeverb bug, but try reloading if that happens. Sounding pretty good otherwise!


Rad - can’t wait to take it for a spin later tonight/tomorrow.


Couldn’t get audio to feed into UltraViolet for the life of me; until I rebooted the ER-301 and then it loaded right up and starting spitting out effected audio.


It’s probably the freeverb. There’s a bug where it will load and block out the sound of a chain :frowning: