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Custom Unit - Ultraviolet Granular (Clouds "Clone") NEW VERSION ON POST 94



Sounds good! I’m running at about 48-49% CPU load taken up with one instance processing an external oscillator on 3.0.4 at 48kHz, level changes of wet/dry, reverb etc. don’t seem to change the load too much. Sound about right?


This is amazingly fun but put a Trash-Tape at the end of the chain and 80% CPU leaves little room for much else - but it’s playing cleanly. I’m on firmware v0.3.5


Sounds about right, I’m running at 40%. Wet/dry isn’t quite working yet. Thanks for the report!


Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t think the Trash Tape on it’s own was that CPU intensive?


No worries! Thanks for the unit! It’s a pearler.


48 or 96? Thanks for the report! I’ll see if I can get it any lower.





Considering the first version took a whopping 79-80% on it’s own, I’m happy I got it down a little further…might not be possible to go lower…maybe I take the filters out? The new firmware + better understanding of what I’m doing has helped.


Well you’ve nearly halved it! Good job.


This remains super-sweet, @rbeny! Very cool that the CPU is reduced so much. I’m feeding a radio music into this, and it just feels like the sound possibilities are endless!


seriously good stuff. i remember reading somewhere on here that one of the grain units was capable of 12 simultaneous grains, but that may have been a different grain unit or an older post. is that how many are active here?


As far as I know, it’s still the same.

Will post up the new finished version tomorrow, currently out of town.


Looks like 16 poly is the magic number.



Ok, here is the new version of Ultraviolet. I can’t edit the first post for some reason, maybe a moderator can add this to the top post.

UltraViolet (128.0 KB)


  1. Works best on 0.3.05 48k firmware…wouldn’t recommend trying it on another firmware
  2. Reduced CPU usage by nearly half. Still quite hefty at 40%, but them’s the breaks
  3. No need to navigate into the unit to set the input anymore, it works like any other ER-301 default effect processing any input or unit placed before it
  4. Removed “Refraction” parameter…to be made into it’s own custom unit soon
  5. Removed “Warble”…better done another custom unit
  6. Improved Wet/Dry control…2.5 is exactly even between dry and effect
  7. Improved gain staging…there’s now an Input Gain control
  8. Improved random stereo spread control
  9. Improved feedback control
  10. Improved internal modulation control
  11. Added reverb


Thanks @rbeny for your generosity. I’m in the middle of a thunderstorm power outage so could be tomorrow before I get a chance to try it but looking forward to that and trying your sequencer.



Okay done… as far as I know you should be able to do this yourself, might have a look later to see if something changed.



I’m only able to view any previous edits, no option to edit the post - which I do see on other posts of mine. Could be a time limit on edits or something?



Thanks for the reminder, my brain is working today… so yes, there is a time limit on editing posts, but I can turn any post into a WIKI which means you can continue to edit it indefinitely - also done!



Great Update! Thank you, sooo cool to use the UV with internal Sample Players due to the drastic reduction in CPU hunger! I love it, i’ll play with it all night long. Next time I will check out your new Custom Unit! Thanks for your cool uploads, very inspiring for me!


@rbeny The next time you update Ultraviolet could you save the unit so the Encoder defaults to Course adjustments instead of Fine?