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Custom Unit - Ultraviolet Granular (Clouds "Clone") NEW VERSION ON POST 94

Thanks @rbeny just had 24hr power outage as a result of storms, so no chance to take it for another spin. Looking forward to spending some time with it. Appreciate your efforts.

super nice. thanks for sharing rbuddy!

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I’m running it on 0.4.10 and it works without issues. This is brilliant and I’m having so much fun, thanks a lot for that!

I am super late jumping on the Ultrawagon, but I cannot figure out how to load the unit.
I’m on 4.11 BTW

In the unit chooser screen, if you press S3 for presets then you can browse to and then choose the *.unit file that you downloaded from this thread.

I just wanted to pop by to say fantastic work on this unit, and for sharing it (in fact, the community as a whole is brilliant at sharing knowledge).

I downloaded it today and got some really cinematic sounds going, so thought the least I could do was create an account just to say thanks.


Does this work properly on 4.11 ?

Otherwise, where do i find 4.09 (or any other older fw versions for all the other custom units people have made) ?

If it works on v0.4.09 then it will work on v0.4.11.

Ok thanks. Is that generally the case for all custom units ? or do i just have test each one and then guess if it is working as was intended ? Sorry if its a dumb question…

Just getting ready to try newer firmwares and custom units for the first time.
So far all i ever used the er301 for was some sampling in v3.25. Havent touched it in a long time so time to try to put it to use.

Yes, generally speaking 0.4x custom units would work on the latest 0.4 firmware unless there is some specific, yet to be discovered bug.

I.e they are usually forward compatible. But the routing enhancements that came with 0.4 made that not true for custom units built in 0.3 and prior.

So I’m just a few days into the 301 and trying out many of these wonderful custom units. Now I’m torn between keeping my clouds (supercell) or not. I’m trying to avoid too much overlap, and this seems to be just that considering I don’t use my Clouds for anything but granular processing or delay. I think I’ve got my bases covered with this. Is anyone able to talk me off the ledge here.

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Supercell is an incredible instrument, and it’s still new so you’ve likely not had a long time to experiment with it. My recommendation is to play with it a big longer before making a keep/sell/give to Bob decision. All those manual attenuators and modulation points expose Supercell to more active use than Clouds, and who knows just how powerful it will get when the Parasites firmware is released for it.


That’s what in enjoy most about it, is the immediacy and playability. I’ve had one since November, and have put it through quite a bit since then. My thought now is, I’ve sourced all the parts for a faderbank, and could theoretically have the same control over all those same parameters hooked up to the 301. I’ll probably wait and see how great parasites can be before I make any irational moves :wink:

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Nicely done. This sounds great. Can’t wait to give it a whirl tonight!