Custom Units share standards\consistency

i have a couple of questions on sharing custom units.
1)if the custom unit contains references to global chains how do we share? separate custom unit preset + global chains preset or is better to share a quicksave?
2)it is normal that when i save a quicksave with name i see it only as qXX.lua on the sd card? quicksaves are organized in the sd card in numbered folders, but on one of them i can see more than one .lua , how do i know which is the right one to share? is there a way to view the quicksave name from the .lua file on the computer?


Another question: is there a way to make custom unit controls unipolar? i know i can do it with bias\gain combo but i’m struggling a bit to understand the behaviour…

i am doing a simple subtractive voice, vco,vcf,vca. i put some custom controls to control LPF cutoff, then i modulate the custom unit cutoff with an envelope followed by a linear VCA. the level of the VCA is itself controlled by another custom unit control (called LPF env amount) so i can dial in the amount of envelope to open (or close, when negative) the filter.
the result is almost there but i always have to start with my LPF cutoff custom control mid way (0) so i have all the negative side of the fader totally useless… any solution?