Custom Units - User patches

Hi everyone,

Now I’ve got my head around the new Custom Units I thought I’d share the my first unit that is an emulation of the E340 Cloud Generator module by Synthesis technology

The main parts of the E340 I wanted to emulate were the ‘Spread’ and ‘Chaos’ to create these huge detuned pads.

Here is the the custom unit zipped with the required sawtooth wav file: (9.0 KB) (There’s a read me file too that funnily enough needs reading :wink:).

Below is an image of the earlier version of the patch before Custom Units were available - the majority of the patch is the same with a few changes:

  1. Added panning spread - so as the ‘Spread’ control is increased the oscillators are also panned left and right. (Thanks to Mr Parfitt for this idea)
  2. I replaced the dedicated clock input for the S&H with a delayed version of the ‘gate’ input.


Great diagram cant wait to give this a try later. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Here is the Anim8r which came out of my desire to make an emulation of @vcoadsr’s E340 emulation that was lighter on the CPU. :smirk_cat: It’s an effect unit that creates multiple copies of the input that are phasing in and out (i.e. animates). It works nicely on saw waves. (1.4 KB)


  1. Place the anim8r.lua file contained within anywhere on your SD card.
  2. Insert a custom unit into your chain (e.g. right after a sample player loaded with @vcoadsr’s saw waveform perhaps?)
  3. Press “Load Preset” on the custom unit and point it to anim8r.lua

:grinning: cool!! Hopefully try this out later

I tried this tonight and it doesn’t seem to work. I loaded the 0.1.6pre-patch11 firmware. When I add the custom unit, I have to open it and then scroll to the beginning to get the load option. The load option says it’s loading the chain, but then nothing happens. Really strange.

It sounds like you are loading a chain preset? The anim8r.lua file is a unit preset. So you would insert a blank custom unit and then load this file as its preset.

Obviously, I need to come up with a way to help users differentiate between chain presets and unit presets, perhaps by file extension…

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I think I got it figured out - I had to hit enter on the on the name of the unit. That wasn’t obvious to me right away.

Liking the unit Brian!

When I added it to the end of an arbitrary sample play back it had a slight flanger effect - I like it :grin:

Hi everyone

Just thought i would share the custom unit i made to help me learn how they work.

Its a very simple drum kit randomizer. I created 5 different samples with a bunch of drum hit inside each and sliced them up (kicks, snares, HH’s and so on). Then a sample & hold to randomly select a new slice on each when you hit the randomise kit trigger on the top level of the custom unit.(See my little diagram)

I made the samples very quickly last night so not a lot of thought was given to the sample selection but you can easily make your own with your favourite drums and load/slice them in the sample players.

When you load the preset into the custom unit you might need to re-load the samples into the 5 different sample players, just navigate to the folder you saved them on your SD card.

I tried to use the envelope follower to create a choking or ducking effect of the open HH/crashes triggered by the HH gate (gate length has an effect here). I kinda works maybe someone can come up with a better solution.


this is great!

Is there a band pass filter in the works?