CV control over Mixer level and Mute?

Could this ever be an option on the 301? I know the current alternative would be to place to place a VCA at the end of your chain inside of the mixer but not sure about a way to quickly mute a mixer? The custom “performance controller” I’ve been working on with Jason Lim at Instruo is almost complete and just thinking ahead as to how I can have it control the 301.

VCA controlled by CV is the same thing. If clicking is a problem, have an ADSR inside the VCA with the CV input inside the ADSR, and set the ADSR with a couple few milliseconds tops and tails.

One could also create this chain as a custom unit and have it available to insert when and where one needs it.

Thanks for the suggestion and I’m guessing from the silence from OD that what I’m asking is most likely not on the road map for 301 development?

Not at all. This particular question just has a lot of ramifications that I need to think through. The Mixer Channel has become more of a central unit in user’s patches than I expected. So I am actually stepping back and making sure I haven’t missed a better way of doing it.

For example, people use Mixer Channels for all of the following at the moment:

  • Insertion: adding a given signal to another signal at specific point in a chain.
  • Polyphony or Voice Layers: multiple voices summed together on one output bus to create a more complex voice.
  • Track Layering or Song Structure: song sections or voices that are controlled at a macro level according compositional structure.

Your question seems to refer to the last scenario. I’m wondering if maybe I should have different Mixer-type units designed specifically for each scenario?


Thanks Brian, as always appreciate your thoughts and I do think a different mixer type might be appropriate. Track layering and song structuring is exactly what I am striving for and it would be helpful to be able to quickly control mixer levels and mutes with this performance controller module I have in the works. Hopefully something like this would not be too difficult to implement as it would be very helpful to the way I use the 301 in a live/performance setting :pray:

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