CV Gate Recorder / Looper Unit

I know it is possible to use the Looper for recording cv or gates, but i thought it might be very useful to have a special designed unit for recording cv+gate.

I love to play stuff in real-time and record it as a sequence or loop. It´s working great with 2 pedal-loopers, but the workflow can get tricky if you want to use in sync with external clock, cause you need to use 2 feedback or dub loopers simultaniously and some of the options (empty buffer) can not be controlled via a control-button (as far as i know).

I think the option to record cv-gate (also synced to a clock) is a great way to use the 301 as a soundsource with external controllers. Of course it is possible with external cv-gate recorders or sequencers, but it is great to have to option in the box and use it in every channel / instrument you in your 301-setup.

A CV-Gate Looper could also contain extra functions like stepped playback (similar to shakmat bishops miscellany), automatic reset (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 bars + an option to define the measurement of a bar) or timing quantisation.

Still working with firmware 3., don´t know if 4. would give me more routing options - just thought it might be useful to have a stereo looper in a mono chain, using one side for gate and the other side for cv.
But in 3 i see no way to set up the outputs to different subchains.