Cv options for envelope follower

i would love to have cv control over the envelope followers attack and release times!

Not at home, so can’t test, but I’m thinking maybe putting an ADSR after the envelope follower and then modulating its parameters might do the trick?

no that does not work.

What about if you put the envelope follower inside the ADSR (as the ADSR’s trigger source)? Again, just thinking out loud about how I’d pursue this in absence of the feature.

I’m quite sure i managed to build a compressor patch in this way, effectively applying a slew to the envelope follower signal with an adsr… Was some months back tho so might have worked differently then…

thanks, i try this out. however easier would be (at least for me) to have the option of cv control over the envelope follower parameters. i managed to patch some sort of shaker from my audio signal (something i often do) through envelope follower, vca and filtered noise and the option to dynamicly change the attack and release would be awesome! cheers

Absolutely. Sorry for neglecting this unit!


thank you!