CV to midi for ER-101

Anyone have recommendations for a CV to midi converter to pair with the ER-101?

A while ago I had a doepfer A-192-2, which I had trouble with because the gate would arrive slightly before the pitch cv, causing it to send the wrong note. I didn’t try it with the 101, though, just a Rene.

Interesting. Are you trying to use the ER-101 to control an external keyboard?

Yep! My modular is fairly small (just two voices) so I’d like to bring in an external synth or two.

I ordered this module: Expert Sleepers CVM-8 CV to MIDI/I2C Converter plus an expansion for MIDI jacks. Actually in the second video on that page he explicitly mentions the timing issue with Rene, so I think this should cover it :slight_smile:

Update. I just set up the CVM-8 with the ER-101. The 101 requires a 1ms gate delay to work reliably (you set that up in CVM-8 editor). The default 0.5ms gate delay causes repeated or wrong notes. I haven’t tried how the CVM-8 reacts to smoothed voltages. Based on the 0.5ms gate delay results, I suspect it won’t translate smoothing into pitch bend.


Would love to hear more about your experiences with this combo. I couldn’t get cv to midi to work with Er-101 and Hermod

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Thanks for posting about this. I’m not an ER-101 owner but very interested in the potential to use the module as a CV and MIDI sequencer.

If you do try out the continuous generators feature on the CVM-8 I’d love to hear how that works. Even just using the MIDI pitch bend to send microtonal pitches.

Isn’t this what the Befaco VCMC (& cv thing) does?

Yeah, looks like the CV_thing would be a good option too.