Cv track selection

Is there a crafty way to take an incoming gate and pitch and have it mapped to multiple voices at different times. So say I have a keyboard feeding into the er301 and I have 3 different granular loops and I want to control them at different times With a single controller - but not mute the other parts that are looping. Basically like track selection…

I feel like @NeilParfitt would know!

The only thing I can think to do is put loopers after each voice and have 3 separate engage loop record for each. So essentially the keyboard signal is still running through all three at the same time but is only heard on the armed tracks…

i know how i would do this with two voices/tracks: a vca after each voice, reading the same control input, but inverted on one vca. a basic crossfader. crossfading 3+ voices would be amazing.


Sounds like you want a sequential switch perhaps? WMD SSM would do this and give you one knob (or CV) control over when voice you were sending the CV to.

I can’t think of any way to implement this in a general sense on the ER-301 at this time :slight_smile:

You could make something to fit your purpose though, say you have three voices and you want to switch between all three one after the other in rotation, so play 1, then 2, then 3, then 1 again and so on…

For each of your sample players that outputs audio create a sample player on the trigger input.

Make three samples of the same length with gates in them for the trigger sample players, like this

  1. 1 - 0 - 0

  2. 0 - 1 - 0

  3. 0 - 0 - 1

Slice the three samples, so each slice is one of the gates and add each one to each of the trigger sample players on the trigger for the audio sample player.

Then map your pitch input to all three audio sample players and your gate to the trigger input of all the trigger sample players.

Add an LFO to modulate the slice parameter so it is in time over the three steps, you might need another external gate in sync with the note trigger but only triggering every three notes to achieve this.

This setup will let each audio sample player play its sample until it receives it’s next trigger.

It’s a bit long winded and resource heavy, I’ve not tried it but I think it would work :slight_smile:

if you try it please let me know how you get on!

@NeilParfitt wouldn’t a looper engage after each voice be the way to go? And then you have the ability to arm and disarm tracks?

I almost wish there was some magic cv assign so let’s say there is a setting in the inputs that allows you to manually move the incoming cv to a certain track - of the 4 mono. Like how on an sfx6 monomachine - the track you select is the track that responds to the keys… so if I put diff voices in each track and have the ability to move fast between them. @odevices would it be possible to ever implement some kind of cv in signal override that when assigned on input directs cv to what track is selected?

on the multi crossfading tip…

record a triangle shaped envelope (0 to +10v) into a buffer, retrigger it at audio rate and set it to be the cv source of one of your end-of-voice vcas.

do one of these for each vca

assign the “start” parameter on each sample player to your single “crossfade control” source.

adjust the “start” control offset and gain on each sample player so that they each become active and scrub their entire buffer on a certain region of your cv source range.

i think this would work? untested…

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All these workarounds are pretty heavy on resources, but I really like the inventiveness!

For an alternative cross fader approach see the one I built into the Right Ruckus Custom Unit: