CV (v/oct) Addressed gates (?)

Is there a way to use current units to send gates based on a specific (or small range) of CV values? This way, playing A4 could trigger an envelope, but playing B4 could send a gate to a sample player. This would decrease jacks used (currently using a jack per note gate)… I guess I would still need 2 Jacks, one for the gate and one for the signal telling it where to go… Welp, I guess a comparator or the motions sensor will probably get me there huh?

Many thanks!

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You can use the bump scanner for this. I made something similiar using one cv input that triggers 4 different sample recorders.

Edit: thats how i set it up for each gate control: cv input > bump scanner (center: find your cv value, width: 0,001, height: 0.1, fade:0) > offset with gate input. Set the treshhold accordingly.
But maybe there are more efficient ways to get to the same result?

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Thanks for the walk-through!