DC coupled expander?

could there one day be a DC coupled expander released for the 301? just curious as I could see myself creating some really useful CV modules inside of the 301 that I would love to use with my external gear.


do a search for “expander” in the forums, already discussed here and there…no certainties up to now. i sincerely hope we’ll see that day. 8 dc coupled outs, YAY! :smiley:

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yeah I knew I should have searched… but I was face deep building a custom kick module that ended up using 32% cpu by itself lol. hopefully the CPU upgrade won’t be forgotten either once 1.0 drops.

funny 8 DC outs is exactly what I was thinking as well. would certainly be a fairly easy R&D task that would bring more income in… I like it when products I want make monetary sense for the builder :wink:

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Yas im totally with you guys…8dc out s is wot I dreaming for too !