Dead Outputs?

So my 301 came today (hooray!) But I think I broke it straight away (Boo!)

I started with a little test and just opened up a sine osc and vca. Chucked it thru my o’toole coz that’s how I kick it. Nice clean wave! Chucked another sine in, modulating the first. FM woo! Sounded nice. Twiddle freq for giggles. Nice. Then sound cut out. Think I was twiddling something at the time so assumed I’d done something or other and resolved to worry about it later and load some samples in. Spent twenty minutes trying to load an aiff before realising I’m an idiot and tried a wav which worked of course. Only the outputs are silent. Level meters indicate just fine fine but I’m getting nothing on the outs. Tried resetting audio engine a few times… nothing.

Any ideas guys? Thanks x

First thing I would do is revert to the simplest situation that uses the entire signal path from in to out:

Clear the first chain of all units.
Plug an external VCO into IN1 and set frequency to around 100Hz.
Assign IN1 as the first chain’s input.
Plug OUT1 to your audio interface (or equivalent).
Do you hear anything?

Hey, thanks for the speedy reply.

Set up as described and I hear nothing on the out.

Everything on the display looks right.

Have you verified that the patch cable used to patch OUT1 is not the culprit?

Ok I sent that last message, went outside for a cigarette, came back and it’s spitting out audio happy as Larry. Tried sample player unit and all is well. I’m using the same cable. Weird.

I’m fairly certain I’ve done nothing different but it makes sense to put this down to user error for now. If anything else happens I’ll post.

Have to sleep now annoyingly. This module is amazing.

Thanks so much for your help.

Oh for what it’s worth I tried a few cables when the out was silent. Went straight into audio interface as well as through o’tool.

Thanks again!

Let’s keep an eye on it. It sounds like you are doing everything correctly so I’m not convinced we found the problem yet.

Good night!

Hi Brian

I’ve just sat down to get intimate with my new 301 but, I’m afraid again it’s rejecting my advances. Outputs seem to have failed as before. I haven’t powered it up since last we spoke. This time no audio has come out at all at any point. I’ve performed the signal path test with a VCO like you previously advised. Again all scopes and level meters are indicating correctly on the display and cables are in working order.
What do you think I should do next?


Next time could you try pressing SHIFT+1, assuming you are using channel 1? It may be that somehow the channels have been muted and SHIFT+n toggles the mute on channel n.

Nope, not muted. Nice to know how to mute though. Just for info it’s all on it’s lonesome in a Doepfer case with a PSU3. It came loaded with v 0.1.6pre-patch 13 and I’ve tried Reg and Bus for the 5v setting just because. Can’t think what else to try.

I’m at a loss also. I think at this point the most efficient route is to send it back to me for diagnosis and repair. I will email you the details. Sorry about this!