Deckardsvoice rebuild

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:.
The last Days is watched a lot of videos about the DeckardsVoice and i fell in love with that CS 80 sound. So i tried to rebuild it on the ER 301.
The UI is large i know but maybe together with the 16N Faderbank its fun. After a while i got some great results.
CPU 79% :sweat_smile:

DeckardsVoice.pkg (12.6 KB)

If there is any Error please let me know



It sounds great!!!

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Here we go!


Iโ€™d love to hear some audio, my 301 hasnโ€™t arrived yet. If no one posts before then Iโ€™ll try to get something up.

broecker aka thesurgingmass(insta) did some great session on instagram.

So I was interested in this build and wanted to try it out, but when I load it into a completely blank session with no global chains or anything else, my CPU usage is 105% and I can barely even navigate through the different parameters :confused: plus with such high CPU usage, when I try to play it it comes out all broken and bit-reduced sounding. Iโ€™m wondering if anyone else had this issue before?

Did you use a mono-chain?

I figured out what my problem was; I forgot that I changed the frame size to low latency which increased my CPU usage lol my bad. I got it working now though, it sounds pretty sweet!

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This sounds really great. Thank you for making it! Iโ€™ve got it hooked up to a Sweet Sixteen and itโ€™s so playable and fun to program. I do have a question. I have to tune it down by 200 cents to get it tuned properly. Does that sound right? If so, is there any particular reasoning for that tuning?

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Hey Thanks! Glad you having fun with it! Hmmm i will check it and when i have time i will release a new version. There will be also some improvement of the ASR and ADSR.
Feel free send me your wishes.