Default tuning of oscillators A -> C (maybe as a System Setting)

We spoke about this before, but I’d really, really love to have oscillators default to a C (not an A as they do now), when inserting them. I could be wrong, but I imagine most people work from 0V=C rather than 0V=A.

Currently I have to change the 27.5 to 32.703 every time, and to be honest, this always includes

  • turning V/oct to 3600 to get it into audible range
  • trying to hit “three steps up” on the f0
  • me leaning over to my acoustic piano and checking it I in fact dialed in a C
  • turning V/oct back to 0

Might seem like a small thing, but I’d really appreciate the change. If lots of people prefer A as default, maybe it could go in System Settings…


Request noted! :wink:

In the meantime, you can just set V/oct (bias) to 300cents for 3 semitones.



With V/oct set to 300cents, my OCD kicks in and demands I choke a kitten or something, but that’s that then :slight_smile:

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Hehe. Obviously it is the kitten’s fault for being too cute for its own good.

FYI, my approach will probably not be to use System Settings. I consider System Settings as the last resort. Instead it will be something like saving a default preset which will be applied to a unit upon insertion. This way all units and all parameters can have a default setting.

That reminds me that you can already sort of do this. Just designate a folder for “default unit presets” and save a preset of the unit in question with F0 set to A. Then use the preset subscreen of the unit selection screen to insert the unit with that preset.



A default preset system would be awesome! There are other settings throughout the units ecosystem that I always change (like fade -> 0ms on sample players), that could benefit from this!

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FWIW, just another vote for changing the default tuning from A to C.

Mainly answering in this thread as it is quite comforting to know that I am not the only person who is sort of thrown off by having what my mind perceives as “impure” values, like the V/Oct Bias set to -300: I know it is a perfectly valid way, and I am happy that this way exists to solve the issue, yet each time I look at this value, I’m like “I wish it would be 0”.

When I programmed my Yamaha TX802 over 30 years ago, values typically ranged from 0 to 99, which had to entered via a numerical keypad. I usually used values 0, 99, and integer multiples of 5, like 5, 10, 15 … I really had to force myself to use something like 7. :slight_smile:

For now, make a unit preset for quicker recall of these settings?