Delay trigger for sample unit

Hello all,
Just received my ER-301 yesterday so I’m a total noob.

The first thing I have tried to do is slice up a break and assign it to notes on a keyboard.

This works fine with the 12TET assignment option except for one thing. The gate signal from my keyboard is interpreted by the Sample player before the change in CV is. So if I play a note and trigger slice 1 then play the next note up to trigger slice 2, slice 1 is played instead. If I hit the note again, slice 2 is played as it should be. The same behaviour is seen across all the notes.

I figured that I needed to slightly delay the trigger relative to the CV so that the trigger is interpreted after the CV is. This should be accomplishable using the Fixed Delay, all the way wet with a very small delay setting. I was able to achieve this by assigning the trigger to track 2, using the fixed delay on that track and sending the output to the trigger assigned to the Sample player on track one.

I’m sure there must be a way to do it in the same chain on the same track however I cannot figure out how to assign the output of the fixed delay to the trigger of the sample player. I’m guessing that I can use locals or something but cannot figure it out.

Any of the fine folk on this forum able to help out?


Just put your delay in the trigger sub chain :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome!

It sounds like you are really really close to finding the solution yourself. When you assign the trigger inside the Sample Player’s trig parameter, you are actually looking at the trig sub-chain. You can insert any units you want in this sub-chain…for example a Fixed Delay.


And just case you haven’t read it yet, there is a description of the signal flow over on the ER-301 wiki:

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Thank you, you have solved the problem! I didn’t realise you could put units into the chains of triggers, or whatever else. This machine is nuts!



The people who use it are nuts too! :star_struck:


Have a look at some of the custom units that some folk have built… really good resource to learn from:

Also check out @NeilParfitt’s getting started videos:

Lots of fun to be had!

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Yes I’ve been watching the videos whilst waiting for the unit to arrive. They are really great but I couldn’t find anything addressing this particular problem. He does slice up samples and assigns a trig but then copies that unit and assigns different slices to different trigs instead of doing 12TET assignment (I assume that wasn’t available when the video was made).

Anyway, thanks for the help - what a great forum! I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions and hopefully will be able to answer a few myself sometime.

For the moment, back to experimentation.

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Welcome Rambi!

Yeah 12ET wasn’t an option when I made those.

The sub chains are the real power of the 301. There’s no hard rules with how use use them, which is where the fun begins.

You can have audio routed to cv controls, add audio effect units to CV and have subchains of subchains.

Lots to explore. Have fun!