Delay with open feedback loop?

Is there a delay with an open subchain available in the feedback loop? If not, is it at least technically feasible?

It’s not yet possible but it’s something I’ve wanted to make for awhile now. Of course it can be patched easily enough, but something like the CPR sidechain needs new UI code to allow sub-chains to have both a source and a sink (instead of just a sink).

The drawback to this though is that the feedback loop would suffer from frame delay, so it’s not clear it will be that great in practice.

Edit: Ah there was a good use case here though for things like multi-band processors. In those cases the frame delay doesn’t really mess with the desired effect.

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Gotcha. Unfortunate, but thanks @tomf!

Yeah you can make a delay feedback path yourself by putting a mixer before the delay, and then having that mixer output the audio output if the delay. You can route this through the locals area when assigning an input to the mixer.

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Nice, I figured it was possible to patch it up. I guess you’d want to set the delay to fully wet and then add another mixer after the delay and route the dry signal in there? Then the delay feedback control is like a feedback loop within the feedback loop? Anyway, just messing around with it now and it’s sounding good!

So I would say to do the delay fully wet, then put a mixer right before the delay. The level of this mixer will be your feedback level, so you should probably turn it down before starting the feedback. Then go into that mixer, click on the input assignment, press locals on the lower screen, then navigate to the output of the delay unit. Then put any effects after that in the mixer, if you want it to only effect the feedback, or before the delay if you want it to effect the first echo as well. There will always be a little bit of latency with this internal feedback, but with delay that rarely makes much difference.

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