Destructive follow mode

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a follow mode on the ER-101/102 where you can change the currently displayed/selected value for the step that is currently playing. This could e.g. be activated via the config file and would allow to draw automation curves very easily in real time with the Right encoder whilst the left encoder is used for scrubbing instead. To change track or value selection one would have to go back to edit mode. On the other hand I would understand if @odevices would prefer to preserve the non destructive follow function which is currently implemented.

Still one might wish;)

At first I thought this would be a very nice feature but when thinking about how it could be implemented I wondered if it wouldn’t have to b a distinct sub-mode of the follow mode to prevent just zeroing out every value when you accidentally switch to follow mode. Or intentionally to follow your sequence while playing, which I do a lot.

Also since the knobs are encoders not pots, they don’t have a value. So when you scan through the steps with the left encoder, which value should be inserted by the right encoder? And would it replace the value the step is already set to, or would it add to that?

Writing all this, I wonder if it can not be done already with the record function and an external voltage source, like channels 2/3 of Maths? I never use recording so I am not sure if it is possible to just record CV B over a existing sequence while leaving CV A intact but it might be worth a try.

Yeah it is possible to Record an external voltage, however when recording in the respective mode all the values are replaced with the values of the external CVs. Or am I missing something here?

I am more thinking of the following behaviour:
When switching to follow mode (with the extra option set to alternate follow mode in the config file) the right encoder can be used to increment or decrement the value the sequencer is currently at. Maybe an example makes it more clear:You would not set all the values to zero but rather IF you want to change the Track 1s CVA on step 3 for example you would first select Track 1 CVA in edit mode, then flip to follow mode and once the sequencer reaches Step 3 you would have to turn the Encoder at that precise moment to increment step 3s CVA value.

If you then want to draw automation for another parameter you could just go back to edit mode, select the parameter and repeat. This is a little similar to Knob record Sculpt Function on the Sequentix Cirklon or maybe more general any automation in a DAW like Ableton Live etc.

Hm,not sure if I understand what you want to do. I don’t see this drawing an automation curve because you would have to turn the encoder on each step again by the amount you want it to increase as the step would not know if not moving means that it shall keep its value or change it by the same aount the previous step did. It does not seem to be different from edit mode, justthat the steps are moving by them selves instead of manually via the left encoder. I imagine it would be quite hard to start and stop the encoder movement just in time if you are not into ambient music.

On the circlon, every step is always changed when playing in sculpt mode, either relatively by the encoder value or absolute to the encoder value. You can not change only the value of one step in sculpt mode.

On a site note why should changing the parameter not be possible in this mode but only work in edit mode?

EDIT: I think it could be possible by a button/encoder combination though. Like hold record and turn the encoder to record an automtion curve in follow mode. That seems to be comparable to circlon or DAW behaivour and it would keep the normal follow mode untouched.

second EDIT: Actually this seems like a quite useful feature. :thinking:

Ah yeah you’re Right, had a bit of a confusion there.
Actually I would find both useful: Incrementing/Decrementing only the current step playing in Follow Mode, as well as button combo for ‘Knob mode like behaviour’ On the other hand maybe there already IS a way to ONLY record single Parameters from an external source which would basically provide a way of drawing automation curves. Have to revisit the manual again…