Determine the recorded length

Hello forum

I finally got my ER-301 last week - very exciting!

I have a beginners question, which probably has been answered before, but I couldn’t find it:

I have set up a recorder to record into a buffer. Every time I start to record, I send a reset, to make sure it starts recording at the beginning, but the record length will vary. The maximum length is set so long, so the end of the buffer will stay more or less empty. This all works fine.

I then have another unit, that play from this recorded buffer. This also works fine, but I want the player to only play the portion of the buffer, that was last recorded. So I need to find some way to tell the player the last recorded length (as it is from the buffer-start). Is this possible?

If it is, please give me a hint about how to solve it.

Thank you very much!

Your application sounds very similar to the pedal looper unit, so take a look and see if that works for you.

Unfortunately the pedal looper’s buffers are not accessible in the same way as the other looper units. So if you need to mark the length of your recorded material for external playback then you will need to get crafty.

Here’s a start: you can record CV as well as audio into a looper. If you make a stereo buffer for your looper, you could put your audio in one channel and a CV in the other. This CV could carry a gate for marking the length of your recorded material. Good luck!


Thanks for answer. It was actually my intention to get crafty, when I decided to get the ER-301, and your cv-recording suggestion sounds like something, I should look into.

The pedal-looper is the only recording-unit I haven’t looked at yet. My intuition tells me, that the manual grains are best for, what I have in mind. I just don’t want to use prerecorded samples, but recordings made on the fly.

I see this as a learning process, and what it ends up with isn’t so important at the moment.


curious as to if you find a solution to this…will try to fiddle with it myself this weekend…

Good to hear, that other users can see the use of this!

As I mentioned, I got my ER-301 a week ago, so I have decided to concentrate on the fundamentals and get into the mindset of the module for now. So it might take a while before a return to this problem, but granular processing of recorded (not pre-recorded) material is quite essential for me.

The problem I see with the cv-recording on a separate channel, is that when you overwrite the buffer with new sound/cv and this recording is shorter, than the previous recorded, you need to find a way to set the cv-track to zero after the end of the recording.

There is no way yet to zero a buffer, but I’d love if there were! Even if it were a separate “buffer blaster” unit. (hmm, @odevices, is this possible in middle layer?)

Instead of a gate for recorded length, why not record zero volts until a trigger corresponding to punch out?

well, on the pedal looper you can zero the buffer with a double click on the stop button

Yes, so if manual grains could have access to this buffer, then it could be a solution. Unfortunately this is not possible as far as I can see.

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ah yes sorry i forgot the original purpose.