Determine when there is content in a Snapshot?

I’m saving a lot of snapshots but some times I’m unsure if I’ve already written something to it.

Is there a way to determine this? perhaps a dot appears kind of like the parts?

There is a dot after the number if the snapshot contains something.

Hmmm I’m not seeing it.

I definitely have content saved in a snapshot and can recall, but no dot.

Uh oh. There definitely should be a dot. Like this:

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Another thing to check, is that if you go into the snapshot description screen (focus press the SNAPSHOT button), the revision number will be 0 if nothing has been saved and greater than 0 if something has been saved. This revision number is incremented every time you save a snapshot to a slot, allowing you to scroll back (in time) to a previous revision and restore it.


thanks Brian, will double check this when i fire up the system

Ok the dot is Back (weird!) – it definitely wasn’t there last night, cause I was thinking what a great feature it would be, ended up saving snapshots way down the line.

But - the focus press is a great feature that i hadn’t read about yet, so good. I’m happy to know it keeps revisions, very smart feature.

If it happens again and you have a handle on the events that led up to it, I would be very grateful if you could let me know, Tom.

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Wait this detail is bonkers!

i had no idea about this, excellent!

Along these lines - Is there a way to determine which snapshot is currently active (being edited), after you have focused the [snapshot] button and changed the left dial to something other than the current snapshot (without loading anything else)? I ask because I goofed up, and have a sequence that I would like to save over but I don’t know what snapshot to save it to… I’ve already changed the snapshot number so the display doesn’t necessarily reflect the current status of what I am hearing.


There is no such concept as the “active snapshot” on the ER-101/102. You are not really editing a snapshot when making changes to the state of the ER-101/102. Snapshots are only changed when you save to them.

I predict in your reply that you will ask for a feature that somehow displays the last loaded/saved snapshot. :wink: So I will preemptively add this to the feature request list.


Could you confirm it’s only if you have ER-102?
My ER-101 doesn’t show this dot at all. And press focus SNAPSHOT does nothing. (firmware 2.09)