Diatonic quantizer

Hello everyone. I wonder if there’s a chance, with the actual quantizing unit, to setup a diatonic quantizer, similar to what Harmonaig does. So that from a cv input it harmonize according to a mode.
Am I dreaming?

Hi there. Not sure what you mean by the ‘actual quantizing’ unit. The scale quantizer can read and use scala files, if the scale you’re looking for isn’t already included as a built in.

Sorry, probably just the wrong word.
My question is if the quantizer, or more than one, could be set to generate chords. Let’s say I’m in C ionian, if a play a C it will create CEGetc and if a play D, DFA and not just keeping the chord major

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Ah, gotcha - I just wasn’t sure if you meant the grid quantizer vs. the scale quantizer or something.

It’s a good question. I haven’t tried it. So you mean sending 3 scale quantizers a copy of the same CV signal and then controlling 3 different oscillators pitch with those? I would think it would work by adjusting the pre V/Oct controls to the desired interval and setting them all to the same scale (mode).

It would surely be worth a shot if you haven’t tried it already.

Right, didn’t think about that. Need to check how will it react to notes in the middle. Cause if I set one up 4st for a major 3rd, when going for a minor chord it has to decide to go up or down a semitone.
If I did understand what you suggest.
Gonna try that, thanks!

Yeah, you’re understanding what I was suggesting. You’re right - not sure how it will react to the notes in the middle. A little experiment will tell!

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For the notes-in-the-middle problem, if I remember correctly, I added another quantizer set to chromatic, followed by a small offset, in front of the 3 ‘chord’ quantizers. With the offset you can choose which way the notes in the middle will fall.


Thank to both of you. Just had to find the right fine settings for the pre. It’s beautiful.
I wonder now, what would be the best configuration for a simple, let’s say, 4saw synth, avoiding 4 mixers.

I also see that having a main transpose control is still depending to the scale. So I can transpose only on that, and not a semitone up

Partially solved by mapping each post control to a main cv offset, but the fine tuning of each pre to fall to the right side of the notes in between cannot apply to each transposition

@yrn1 unfortunately I cannot find a value suitable for each transposition. Did you ever manage to do that?

I honestly can’t remember. It’s been quite some time and I don’t have the preset anymore. I used it for minor triads but I don’t know if it worked for all triads. In any case, since the 3 quantizers were all set to the minor scale, everything would at least remain in that scale…

Yeah It remains in the given scale of course, but if I set the minor third to fall back and not on the 4, maybe transposing up a semitone it falls there and I lose the 3rd. I don’t even get why, root quantizer is perfect, so it’s not due to my cv input. I’m definitely missing something basic

I think the core issue is that the quantizer doesn’t have access to the degrees of the scale. For instance you want to play triads at different positions in the minor key. At different positions you have different intervals between the degrees of your scale.

I think this could be solved with a quantizer that evenly spaces the regions associated with the different degrees of the scale. This way 1 volt would be split into 7 equally spaced regions, each one associated with a degree in the scale. This would work well for generative means, where you are making pitch CV out of non quantized sources. You could run into problems trying to quantize CV that is already pitch based, like a keyboard or sequencer.

Ultimately there have to be compromises one way or another since the scale degrees that are in your head aren’t clear to a quantizer.

You should be able to build a quantizer that has evenly spaced note regions with a sample scanner and a clever sample. Here’s a link to a thread I made a little while ago that deals with these same issues with quantizers.Questions about quantizers, rhythm, and probability

I don’t know if I got what you said, so probably gonna repeat myself with no reason.
After the setup, I have 7th chords correctly harmonized on a minor/major scale, across 3 octaves (I just didn’t try further).
Then I put a master quantizer which simply should transpose everything by semitones. There I start getting sus chords or 9th, while the root still is perfectly pitched

Is your master quantizer set to 12tet?

Yes it is, in fact I can move by semitones. Is just that where a note needed a fine adjustment to the pre parameter to sit right, then it probably won’t work after transposing. Still in scale, not right degree. I don’t remember but I guess the 5th have been the less problematic, if not at all