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Did you get rid of some OSCs after getting the ER-301?


I sold almost all my osc’s because of the er-301. Only plaits, Plonk and Erica Bassline are still in my case. I use them a lot. I bought back some modulators like Zadar, Planar, some random modules and sound sculpting modules and I am a very happy owner of a er-101. I plan to buy a tides some day. Also the mixer section in my case is a bit smaller then my previous set up. The Er-301 is a really good mixer as well. So since the ER-301 is in my case there has been a big shuffling around, the approach of my rack is very different to my pre 301 rack…

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So now that I’ve actually had my ER-301 for a few days and theory is becoming practice, I feel pretty comfortable about letting go of both Donut and Chronoblob, as much as I like them both, and have no regrets about the other 15 things I’ve sold during this transition :smiley: (Not all of those were due directly to the ER-301; for instance I replaced 3 modules with a Maths, etc. – but the 301 was the impetus for the change.)

I’ll hold onto Kermit, since it has some complex behavior that can’t easily be replicated. Not just basic low bit depth and aliasing, but also what I suspect is an algorithm that mixes in non-wavetable content based on the table position and phase (for the first VCO it’s noise; for the second it seems like a few bits of the phase accumulator of the first VCO). But if push comes to shove, I could sample it Mellotron-style :smiley:



I did actually get rid of some oscillators after getting familiar with the er-301 (I use two now). I sold a pair of Cwejman VCO-6s, a vco-2rm and a Rubicon 2. Obviously the er-301 doesn’t sound exactly the same as these but honestly it’s close enough. Mostly though it has inspired me to move away from synthesis and to start using my other instruments as sound sources. I’m finishing a record at the moment which is almost all er-301 and Wurlitzer 200a. I’m super inspired by the blank slate nature of this device.